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$10,000 Mistake

Original review posted by user Oct 02, 2016

The same thing happened to me the other day.While doing a "Search" the notice popped up that I just won $10,000. Thinking I had won I was overjoyed only to be disappointed by PCH.

But then later that day I got an email stating that it was a mistake and they would put my name in a drawing for 5 people to win $10,000. I contacted them several time and each time they apologized and said it was a mistake. Finally, they told me it was human error.

I told them that I would like for the CEO of the company to contact me to make amends. Have not heard from anyone.

Reason of review: $10,000 Mistake.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Same thing happened to me. Years ago Coty Co.

had a 10 weeks long contest where the last day several people got to treasure chest $500 not the grand prize which was $10k in gold.The Company decided to pay even though rules stated glitch etc.

Some own up others not. Look at quality of products and that should tell us about integrity perhaps though it seems that got sent to many people.