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I am wondering if everyone who is entering the PCH sweepstakes is getting the same emails as i am. I was given a email that stated which boutique and hotel that they would be staying at IF i am the announced winner.

The emails they have sent me would make anyone think they are the winner. I am just wondering if everyone is getting the same thing and if so, i feel this is false hope for EVERYONE who is entering and should be made to stop and possibly fined if this is the case. I know my grandmother and mother used to send in faithfully to them and would pray and hope they would b e the winner and also was made tot hi nk they actually stood a chance. Now, almost 30 yrs later here i sit doing the same thing.

What is really sad is the financial bind we have been in and trying to escape but can't seem to which i am sure everyone has here and there. But, i have 4 children who would really like to have a nice christmas for once and a bigger and warmer house to sleep in. I try to do my best working as much overtime to bring in extra income but it is never enough. I find myself scrpping up change week to week.

My family and i have health issues also which is not good being where we are at but we have to live somewhere. I am not asking nor begging for a handout..I do my best with working and trying to provide but, it would be really nice for once to see a sweepstake actually be for real and actually give something to someone if not me atleast someone in need as much as i am or worser. I could have someone do some searching do some very NICE INVESTIGATION and let me know what me and others co uld do about this b ut, i would like to think they are for real and don't just give false hope.

Please someone let me know what you think about PCH. AM i wasting my time filling out those sweepstakes or do i stand a REAL CHANCE?

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hi I was just wondering... if you win 5000 dollars on the scratch and win cards that you get in the mail from pch do you get it before or after the drawingin February? :grin


:)Smile Mollieuva, Everybody want to win PCH sweeepstakes women,your theats will not get you no where,I wish you well and bless you for your misunderstanding of a bulletin you got,keep the faith in god,BUT NO ONE OWE YOU NOTHING???


you do win I have received 3 checks so far 2 for 50 1 for 20 .


OK, Well this is to let you know that PCH was not just sending me that as you describe..I was actually getting very misleading information stating that i was GUARANTEED to win a SUPER PRIZE. And it went on stating that i will be very SURPRISED.

There was no odds of winnings or anything like to state or to appear that it was just another entry for a contest. On that note, I know that the attorney gen. in CA actually sued PCH for this very same thing. NOw, i am going to take my printed out copies from my EMAIL and take to the attorney Gen myself and see what can and cannot be done with this matter.

I felt like PCH would live up to th eir word but i was very mistaken. I see now and understand what PCH is about and doing with consumers and it is certainly not FAIR and not right no way, shape or form. Anyhow, i have tried to get answers from PCH and othe rplaces on here to no avail for the emails i was sent just answers stating that it was another form of entry which is not true. It had no listed odds of words or lettering to state that it was nothing more than a entry for another contest.

I see what this is all about now. Now, i am done with this and i am taking it to the attorney Gen to see what they feel on this matter.

Thank you for trying to explain but i am not buying. Anyhow, have a wonderful evening.


Hello. This is the Consumer Affairs group from Publishers Clearing House. Thanks to all who have posted on this site for your interest in our comapny and our promotions. We wanted to let Mollieuva, who has posted her note above, know that PCH really does award prizes. Since 1967 Publishers Clearing House has awarded over $226 million in prizes and awards.

While we would love to make everyone a winner, the odds of winning are much like your state lottery. Millions enter for a chance to win and we never know who will be the winner until we conduct our random drawings. We do provide consumers who receive our entry opportunities the names of local florists and hotels that we would use in thier areas IF they were the winner but we have no way of knowing ahead of time where our winners might be.

Always remember that no purchase is ever necessary to enter or win and a purchase will not increase your chances. Our winners come from all backgrounds and from coast to coast.

Questions on our sweepstakes can be found at the ASK US section found on

Publishers Clearing House

Consumer Affairs Department

@Publishers Clearing House

You co-sign the *** the people you work for. There are too many evidences pointing to what you are really about....affilaite marketing!


What about Trudy Dinkins? (you know what I am talking about!) :?


I am printing EVERYTHING i get from PCH and keeping a copy for my records. Even stuff that i may post or comment i make on their facebook regarding their "mega" prize..I am hoping that there is a reason and a good one behind it that they are deleting everything i post on there including positive comments.

I am still going to have everything checked out and verified if i don't hear something back regarding the email i was sent without stating that i am not a winner and also without stating the odds of winning. It is very much a misleading email if nothing else and i am just sick of companies getting by with this esp with people who is in very much need of the financial help. I am praying that i am getting the right feeling and that my co workers is not right. That i have faith and GOD is going to make good on this.

I don't feel god want continue to give me the urge and want to continue to pay once more due to not believing in these super sweepstakes. Hopefully, this one will prove me wrong and come in the time of need that could not be any better. Please people pray that i am right or atleast pray that my investigation will work out.

Thanks to everyone who has sent emails and information. It surely will help alot.:)


Well..Yesterday was the so called FINAL day for entry of the 5000 a wk and 1 million bucks...I am praying that i am getting the correct information from them in email which ANYONE would assume i would win something. I am praying for this so it can change my life and bring so much happiness for me and my kids..It could not come at a better time.

I have seen so much stuff online ....including how they have been sued for sending false information ..I seen w here they had to pay over 38 Million i believe..I may be wrong about the amount..but..they had to pay close to that amount. I know if i don't hit it this time. i am going to see to it that they don't send anything like this again. I have a few people who can investigate them and also the emails i have recieved to assure anyone if they have recieved them that they would believe that they have won.

Esp the part that claims ..anyhow it goes i will recieve a BIG suprise and everyone loves super prizes.

It states even more far as stating the hotel they would be staying at..the flower place they would use..and so on ..again to make one think oh wow..i won...But..i am very skeptical about this whole thing...But for some reason it is like GOD is telling me not to give will happen...but with so much bad kluck here lately....I have about gave up on thinking we would win hoping the PCH would prove me wrong and help me out here in a much needed time..I know so many could use it as much as me..but..i guess it will be what it will be..Keeping the faith that these emails are not misleading information. I guess we shall see huh?..Thanks all for the information provided.:)


I received physical mail from pch, it was a brown envelope with a green sticker on it, on the inside was a scratch off, Did anyone else receive something like this in the mail?


Wake up and smell the S _ _ t.most sweepstakes are is a good one. the great car giveaway.

pick a disc insert in the new vehicle after all somebody is going to win.right? the ringer goes into the bathroom where the sales manager gives him the winning disc then he inserts into the disc player in the new car and everybody is happy.

yea! right.,they pay the ringer about $500 to pull off this you know.