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I am wondering if everyone who is entering the PCH sweepstakes is getting the same emails as i am. I was given a email that stated which boutique and hotel that they would be staying at IF i am the announced winner.

The emails they have sent me would make anyone think they are the winner. I am just wondering if everyone is getting the same thing and if so, i feel this is false hope for EVERYONE who is entering and should be made to stop and possibly fined if this is the case. I know my grandmother and mother used to send in faithfully to them and would pray and hope they would b e the winner and also was made tot hi nk they actually stood a chance. Now, almost 30 yrs later here i sit doing the same thing.

What is really sad is the financial bind we have been in and trying to escape but can't seem to which i am sure everyone has here and there. But, i have 4 children who would really like to have a nice christmas for once and a bigger and warmer house to sleep in. I try to do my best working as much overtime to bring in extra income but it is never enough. I find myself scrpping up change week to week.

My family and i have health issues also which is not good being where we are at but we have to live somewhere. I am not asking nor begging for a handout..I do my best with working and trying to provide but, it would be really nice for once to see a sweepstake actually be for real and actually give something to someone if not me atleast someone in need as much as i am or worser. I could have someone do some searching do some very NICE INVESTIGATION and let me know what me and others co uld do about this b ut, i would like to think they are for real and don't just give false hope.

Please someone let me know what you think about PCH. AM i wasting my time filling out those sweepstakes or do i stand a REAL CHANCE?

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Wmzander there is a difference in desire and needs and for all the rest I was wondering the same thing and you just answered my question everyone gets those emails saying what hotel and flower store but in all my years I've yet to see anyone win except on tv


I was wondering the same thing like am I getting these emails showing directions to my house and the flower shop where they would get my flowers and telling me that someone in my immediate area will be winning . I guess we all get them.




Win Dream T.


No one really has a real chance with PCH, or any other lottery, since the chance of winning is so remote. Out of all the stars in the sky who send in their entries, or buy lotto tickets, many of them have entered for many years, so you are in good company.

Each person is 14 times more likely to be struck by lightning, than win the lottery.

To save money, you can apply for Section 8, subsidized housing, or contact Catholic Charities in your city, and talk to them about their nice apartments for families. Not having to shell out more than 50 percent of your income for housing and utilities each month, will make you feel as if you have won the lottery.

Best wishes, and God bless you. Haviette.


Please God!!

Win it all 4 my kids!!


Sorry but PCH your sounding a little bit BOGUS any more, Who is the new staff at PUBLISHER CLEARING HOUSE thinks this is the way to intimidate people into buying things they can't afford???


Add to my remark,I have been a past believer for 40 years,they have it i started in 2007, so they changed it for some reason. SO I have lost faith in there Honesty.

I really thought the had higher scruples than that, and that saddens me as a GOD loving person i will try not to hold animosity towards them in the twilight of my years.


I've only been doing this for a year, a first I was under the impressions from emails from PCH I has won and won big. Truth, this is the last go round for me, the only true hope is what Jesus provides, and He does not lie, simply act.

Truth, too much time wasted on deception of a win, supposedly already won. Truth, Pray that you get delivered from this trap and refocus on the real world, giving thanks for what you do have, not what your desiring and you will find that with all the circumstances, you are Blessed!


Sealy Texas Mom with 4 kids;

I receive same emails, they tell me at what florist they will

Be visiting in my town to buy my roses, technology makes

This easy for them to do, when u sign up with pch you give them

Your address,city,state,zip code, therefore it is easy for them to locate neighboring

Businesses such as hotels,florists,roads that may lead to your house, Please don't let this discourage you. On pch's home page it gives you your odds Of winning these big dollar amount prizes so the chance is slim however there IS A CHANCE,and somebody has to win and you stand just as much of a chance as anyone else, so KEEP ENTERING, PLAYING,and keep DREAMING!IT COULD HAPPEN!!! :)


I get these same emails


PCH is one of the longest running scams! I knew people that always bought a ton of magazines because they thought they would win something.

They are in business to make money not lose it.

It's all a scam to get people to buy s.hit from them. I still cannot believe people fall for this bulls.hit.


I got the same e-mail as you. Except they chose a flower store that looks like it closed down.

Also the hotel they chose is cheap hotel. :sigh


I recieved a scratch off ticket with my last $5000 for ever paper mail packet; It was the first time my scratck ticket was a $5000 winner ! I was SO EXCITED !

I mailed it back lick it said, and WAITED, & AM STILL WAITING!! :? :? I Know things are tuff all arround world ( we all have personal struggles & problems !

) Thats LIFE. If it wasnt for the down times- the Ups wouldnt be Soo good. Needless to say, I have been entering these contests withe P C H for YEARS also, And beeing mislead into believing that I, or EVER-ONE is going to win some-thing IS JUST PLAIN UNETHICKLE. ( Is their a law siut here some where ?) And what about my photo copy that says I won $ 5000 ???

I Geuss it is just time to walk away !!!!!!!!!

:upset :? :cry :(


Why do I have to ReEnter in these contest every day i REALLY don't understand isn't once enough? Do you ever win tat those PCHSlots I been playing for 3 months haven't won anything and the diamonds I am promised the next day I never recieve , thank you.


Guys, read the fine print and pay attention. They make it clear that you aren't a guaranteed winner, and I have gotten several emails like the one described.

It's part of the marketing, and if you really read the email, you'll know you don't have to purchase to win, and that the winner hadn't been decided.

They send those emails to pretty much everyone who enters, so you really don't have a valid case here. Sorry.


I have entered by returning the mailings for many, many years. I started entering online when I got my first computer 22 years ago!

As far as the comments about being confused and thinking that you are the winner, each mailing has a seperate paper in it that explains the odds and that no purchase is neccesary. The same information shows on the screen for internet entries. And then there is praying to God to win. I am a believer, but I think God has a lot more to do than to get involved with the PCH sweepstakes.

After 22 years of entering I am not going to stop now!

I'll keep entering until I assume room temperature! Good luck to all.

@Joe from Arizona

Win Dream T.


pch is a real contest....however they never say you are the winner they say keep sending in the documents with maybe magazine offers you can spend and you will keep your chance at maybe dont have to buy any they say.....i received the same letter saying a certain hotel and blah blah....but the odds are slim....i know a girl in montreal who did win a million dollars....but they never say you are the winner cause they dont know until the time comes to draw....the superbowl weekend they do the usa live draw...they have for many years,,,...the way i look at it whats a stamp... :) and to the first person who wrote about the money problems...look around hunny we are all like that....we all scrap money each week..return bottles...its a tough world right now and i have done alot more then that to get by...and no not sold my body lol.....just stay strong....god bless


Hi I was just wondering... if you win 5000 dollars on the scratch and win cards that you get in the mail from pch do you get it before or after the drawingin February? :grin