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Somehow I got on P.C.H. maillist. Some of the coupons and items seemed good and I ordered. There was also the Sweepstakes, that were sort of an added bonus. However, I was soon overwhelmed with urgent pleas to buy at least one item, as I received 3 or more envelopes a week. Wasted time and money on products that were usually overpriced and inferior quality. I bought as gifts for children, etc. I was sent 4 windshield wipers that cost $58.00 by some mistake, but paid as I didn't want the hassle of returning. Cost at Target about $20.00..I believe the red flag went up called "sucker". I got repeated reminders of how great a customer I was and i just needed to order from this envelope and I'd receive special status and discounts.

P.C.H. crossed the line when they send a cheap gift (worth $1.00 at Dollar Store) and charged me $4.99 for S&H, instead of mailing it with another order. Then topped it off by sending another "Past Due" reminder.

I finally reached a Customer Relations person on 03-22-2011 to air my grieviances. Bill was cancelled. Next a bill for a magazine that I didn't order but billed. I replied by mail to inform. Again, another magazine not ordered by billed. Billings cancelled. I wrote to P.C.H., attn. Barbara Lyons, Deborah Holland and David Sayer to please take me off your mailing list or restrict mailings to no more than 2x a month. I can't have my mailbox full when I'm away. I don't need Please Order, if I want an item.I do not want to enter the same Sweepstakes for the 100th time.

The Customer rep. said he would remove me from future mailings and stop giving out my name to other companies.

I am overwhelmed with Fake Sweepstakes and Frauds coming by mail, because P.C.H. sold or gave away my name and address. I even got a Sweepstake Co. from Taiwan, asking for a copy of my Passport for I.D. Imagine that! The info. was to be mailed to Australia. I informed the Fraud Dept. at the FED's. P.H.C. has broken all the rules they were sued for by the States. Hope things improve and fraudulent people get their just rewards.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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