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They bill for things they didn't send. They send you things you didn't order. Then they bill you for things you've already paid them for and send you letters telling you that you are a bad credit risk and are sending you to Collections. Consumer beware of Publisher's Clearing House!!!

Emails between me and the Better Business Bureau in New York:


I had already paid them (PCH) and they kept on sending me bills. They haven't sent me any receipt saying they have received this last payment. I have paid them twice for the Sumarai Shark. It had already been paid and they were still sending me bills so I paid them again to get them off my back. They still are sending me their junk mail, which I don't want anymore. I will never do business with them anymore. They are nothing but trouble. I had already paid them. They had sent me the Quik Brite which I didn't order and I sent it back and they were billing me for the Bible Companion, which I still have never received.

I had enclosed the money order for the stuff I had received in the

parcel. I never got any correspondence from them about it and when I phoned Canada Post about the money order, I was told it hadn't been cashed. PCH was still sending me collection notices saying I am a bad credit risk. The lady at Canada Post when I phoned, made the comment

that "this company needs an internal audit."

BBB: The company stated in their response that your account balance was zero.

The bills you received probably want out automatically before your

account was cleared up. If you are still receiving bill a couple of

weeks from now, let me know and I will re-open your case. In the mean

time discard the bills you received.

BBB: There is nothing more we can do. PCH straightened out your account that

is all we can ask for. I am not going to re-open your case. You will

have to write to them yourself to get answers to the other questions.

All we can ask for is for the billing to be cleared up, and they did


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Actually, even though legally I could have just let them send me the crap that I didn't order or want, I rushed to call them back because I didn't want them turning it over to a collection agency to hound me. And I didn't want to be bothered having to take the box back to the post office to return it to sender.