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Publisher Clearinghouse is fraudulent and harasses it's customer's. My 80 year old grandmother bought some Christmas cards from PCH and ever since then she's gotten mail and/or phone calls from them every single day. She has also received packages in the mail that she has not ordered and the bill along with it. When she called the first time to say that the didn't order it they told her that she did order it and must have forgotten. When she called about the second package they said that she checked a box saying to order it.

PCH preys on the elderly and it is so wrong! My grandmother feels too bad keeping the packages without paying for them. She ends up paying for them because she is scared about ruining her credit and it costs almost as much to ship the packages back as it is to buy it.

Never order anything from this company!!

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pissedconsumer.com where are my comments going? Is PCH.COM paying you off???????


You wrote this in 2011. It is now 2019 and we are still complaining about PCH.com.

Come on government step up!! They are ripping people off!


I haven't had this type of problem but i am having problems with the sweepstakes website. keeps freezing and takes too long.

I'm also continually getting a msg that a website is interferring and I always have to click to stop it before I can proceed. Why does this happen?

I feel that its not allowing me to fully play to enter the sweepstakes.... maybe I should just quit playing.


My husband (age 84) got pulled into buying something from PCL with the thought that his name would go into a special limited pool for the big prize. He bought four over-priced light bulbs!

We paid for them and then he never again ordered anything again.

You can go on their site at http://pch.custhelp.com/app/ask_confirm_mailing/refno/160824-000574 and ask to be removed from their mailing lists, which we did right away; so far we are still getting stuff, though.

We just got a package with an "order" and a card saying his most recent "order" was on the way. We did not open anything. Nothing was ordered.

If this should happen to you, do not open the package or the envelope attached to the outside of the package. Take it to the post office, and they will send it back (at no charge to you) marked "refused" and give you a receipt documenting the transaction.

If you receive envelopes in the mail from PCH, don't open, mark them "return to sender" and stick in the mailbox.

They are a real pain, but hopefully if we send enough stuff back they'll get the idea.

If not, the next step is the Better Business Bureau.


Sorry for your Husbands experience. Thanks for the advice. Where is BBB in all this crap from PCH.COM?


My grandma got a bill for 82000 dollars from them in invoice form and so she wrote a cheque. Her bank luckily did not cash it but instead called my aunt, her daughter, to confirm the transaction.

We put a stop payment and the looked at past records of grandmas. She had been paying them for years and years on a monthly basis, sometimes 3 cheques a month.

I can't believe they can get away with preying on the elderly. So unfair!


Oh your poor Mother! Thank God the bank caught the bad Pch.com. I have caught them allll the time trying to say I ordered when I did NOT!


We sent back many packages my mom ordered from PCH. After they moved into assisted living, there was still a box a day coming.

After sending back many packages (we changed their address so their mail would come to us), we finally stopped sending them back and did not pay for them. Just gave the boxes away.

My mom has mental health issues besides mild dementia. She's a hoarder and compulsively orders.

The mailings just started up again. Back to square one.

I believe PCH consciously preys on the elderly.


I believe pch.com preys on elderly all the time. Sad.




How,where or who do I complain to for preying on my 89 yr old father,who thinks he actually is Gona win,with these people, that continue to send him bogus items and charge him an arm and a leg??? They need to be stopped from doing this to elderly people whom live off a fixed income!!!!




My dad actually "won" $1,000 from Publisher's Clearing house, which did NOT begin to cover what he had spent on those packages (with exorbitant postage prices!) over the prior 18 months!!! Now, he is worried that he won't be home when they come to his house with the "big check"....

He says that the "head honcho" calls him often, and apparently they asked him to verify his address, which has only increased his anxiety over the upcoming (and never gonna happen) big check. He has Alzheimer's Dementia and I agree, they definitely are PREYING ON OUR ELDERLY!!!!!

If anyone knows how to get them busted, count me in!!!!!

@NOT rich in California


@NOT rich in California

Awful company-pch.com


Just write return to sender and stick it back in the mail. They prey on the good nature of elderly people and also try to *** them that maybe they have Alzheimiers disgusting.


if u get a unsolicted package even one you asked for and are not satisfied put it in original box and put a big RETURN TO SENDER LABEL ON IT they have to pick up postage on it and they will not send u further items



A similar thing is happening to my mother-in-law. Unsolicited "gifts" are showing up at my in-law home and she feels obligated to send a check.

I cant tell you how low these *** of the earth people are. Republicans are gutting the consumer protection laws to allow this sort of thing to continue and to get worse.


I received a package containing cast iron pots. I did not order these nd returned them to the Post Office with a return to sender notification.

I'm still receiving notices of "third request" and "don't ruin your credit".

This is extortion! What a scam of a company.


I can believe that. I keep receiving bills for things my mother-in-law ordered in January of 2011.

The only trouble is, she passed away on December of 2006. No way she could have ordered anything. Sent them a letter stating this, but they keep sending bills.

Notified the BBB. Next step is to get a lawyer.