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Gentlemen/Ladies: I'm a PCH VIP regular player w/ almost 3 million points. Lately I've been having a lot of difficulties w/ several of your sites.

For instance, this evening late on May 4th, I tried to play your Slots Tournament Games and FOR 10 STRAIGHT TIMES I got a "Glitch" notification!! When I hit the "continue" bar, I kept getting the "glitch" notification, so I was totallty unable to play the Slots!!! This in not the first time something like this has happened. Several times when I was running a SUPER STRONG total and was told I would NOT LOSE my points, I DID lose them!

For some reason, this often seems to happen when I'm running a really STRONG game! VERY frustrating---well, makes me ANGRY also. Makes me feel that a REALLY STRONG game is stacked against me! The same thing seems to happen w/ the Wheel of Spinning: several times I've had the wheel stop on a nice dollar amount and then jump right out to a token amount.

The same on the $10,000 play after completing a series of games: 3 times I've had the ball land on the $500 slot and then bounce right out and drop down to the 1000 token slot. In addition, after playing almost 3 million points worth of PCH games, I've won a grand total of $25.00!!! Does this seem to you, as it does to me, that 1) I'm either the most unlucky person in the world, or 2) that there's something really wacky going on w/ your winners? I've NEVER won a penny on ANY of your several games., though I've played them THOUSANDS of times in playing them almost 3 million points overe the last several years!

I'm stunned!

Joseph H. Kempf, Indianapolis, IN

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Game.

Reason of review: Unbeolievable inability to get even MINIMAL wins in playing your games. Also, serious problems/glitches in playing your games..

Preferred solution: Get your act together on efficient playing your games and in rewarding millions of plays by your VIP customers!of plays.

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