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I had an Apple software update - not a problem. I did one the PCH search emails that came up— I looked up about Hurricane Dorian in the - WCIV channel 4 news site— immediately got a message of my phone having 19 viruses— .

Got off the site immediately. Now I’m showing 39 viruses dealing with adult websites—- which I do NOT use - no sites were listed. I now have a 31 or 38% corruption in photos ( which I don’t keep on this phone or my laptop ( which my modem is off due to errors - not sure if storm caused or not. I think PCH should be held accountable for ALL the websites they show.

They should be aware of all the hacking & ill gotten gains that arise this day & age with the computer era. They should have their OWN tech people going through each site with fa fine toothed comb & not allow ANY sites with even a REMOTE possibility it is a tainted site. If worse comes to worse & this issue is NOT dealt with- they will need to furnish me a brand new Apple iPhone- nothing less.

It’s the very LEAST they can do!! At this juncture — I’m not sure if I can AFFORD to continue my association with PCH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Website.

Reason of review: The “Search” style websites should be monitored CLOSELY for viruses- which I now have.

Preferred solution: Your tech support needs to monitor 24/7 ALL websites you allow to search.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: Not winning going into 15 years, No longer feel safe doing the pch search on any format, Requires way too much time playing.

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