Fairland, Oklahoma
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Although I have to mull through several pages of ads just to enter the daily sweepstakes, I did find myself ordering a certain product simply because I needed a remedy for a problem and there was a $30.00 bonus gift if I ordered (i) item. Upon checking my bill I found the funds withdrawn and another order's bill which had also been paid, now showing I owed it again.

Funds were collected from my card. The bonus gift was not there. I called PCH and they swiftly apologized and issued me a complete refund and sent me the orders anyway. Free of charge to show their appreciation for my business.

I did receive a check in the mail and I just received the product today! They explained a glitch in the new technology and R&D would get on it right away. Still, I found it to be most rewarding to benefit from their mistake and feel somewhat bad about accepting the items reflected herein. I believe I will mount the (2) checks on the wall and use the light activated plastic welding tool anyway.

The checks will be a reminder to me that some companies are true to their word. PCH has proven that to me and I will continue to enter and sometimes purchase items from them nio matter the hassle it may present at times. As far as the product goes, I have tried every type and brand of cyanoacrylate (superglue) to repair mother's glasses and nothing worked until I tried the welding tool. Perfecto!

Like a charm and in less than 5 seconds it was complete success! Thanks PCH.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Unique shopping, payment experience and customer service experience.

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