Knoxville, Tennessee

like so many others i too received a postcard to enter in a timely manner or it may result in forteiture of funds from that notice. well pch make it easier on people to do as you instruct.

my authorization code is pch49. i only wonder who many other people have the same code. feels like some scam to me-what about you. i don't think i'll be bottered to look through any more of their offers.

they just lost another costumer do to this simple anyonance on their part. i have to give them some credit though whenever i called about a product i wasn't happy about it got taken off my account no questions asked!

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I am registering my entry for the $1,000,000 plus $5000 a week for life. 10/24/12 using code G0065.

Thank You and God Bless, 8) javascript:ac_smilie('8)')

Crista Olufs


Have never received any kind of prize!!!!!!!!


Hi, I got the same Waning Urgent Notice which has no expiration date that you would no longer be elligible. I have spent way more money than I can ever afford to try for the last 20 years of entering the contest.

My last name has changed from Harrison.

Please submit my entry! 618-567-0898


please do not waste your time on worrying about this code it is a waste of your time go outside enjoy life before they will send you fifty bucks is better for you anyway


If you have any consious out there PCH enter my code. :(