Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When did PCH feel it necessary to include political Ads in their game playing sites. They must really need stimulus money to go that low for ads.

I'm upset. I didn't think PCH would become a platform Political ads!!!!!!! As I'm playing some of the games political ads are appearing in between the games stating a specific stand on an election issue. Apparently PCH is summoned to the politcal control of the Liberal party.

You should be ashamed. I didn't know that PCH was a politcal pawn of the leftwing liberals.

I am with drawing from using you site because you cave-in. What's wrong with being apolitical?

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I too am concerned about these policial ads and who is sponsoring them -- are they sanctioned by the national commitees or a foreign government? PCH are you conspiring with Putin?


I agree. PCH went full retard.