Indianapolis, Indiana

A "Mr. Peter Phillips" called my house twice.

The caller ID said "blocked". My wife entered first, and immediately suspected a scam when he said he was already on his way to our house to deliver a package to us and that he already had our address. She asked him what our address was, and he hung up. Strangely, he called back several minutes later and I answered.

I immediately asked him what phone number he was calling from, and he replied 509-671-9819. He said he represented the Publisher's Clearing House and we needed to call a second number, 1-876-424-3760, to verify our information. I also asked him what address he had on file for us, but he deflected the question. Instead of calling the number he gave me, I access the PCH website and checked the numbers he gave me against their contact information.

The numbers did not match, of course, and we believe this is a scam. I don't believe the PCH ever calls people before surprising them with a surprise.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Website.

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Your right about the O in bingo, ive been playing for months never to get an O. I also ordered from Pch they sent me a bill for the item but I never received the item. Still waiting on two magazines don't guess they will ever get here.


I got a phone call from PCH and they said I had won a diamond watch and some magazines free and then the gentlemen put another guy on the phone stating my previous conversation and said he had my credit card number and I told him if you did there's no need for us to talk because I told him I would report him because I never gave them my number he told me I sounded *** because I wouldn't give him my credit card number over the phone so I told him he was *** if he thought I would give it so he hung up on me! If u won something there's no need for my credit card number!


If you do a search of 876-424-3760 you will find it is just one of hundreds of numbers used by scammers. Just ignore them.

What I do is to just tell them to "hold on a minute" and then put the phone down and walk away. Put the receiver back later when you hear the noise telling you they finally hung up after waiting for you to return.

It wastes their time, just like they wasted yours. 8)