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I have had to reset my Windows 10 because I get the "Warning: Your hard drive will be deleted..." message locking up all my windows. I know that it is PCH because the moment I tried them after reloading everything it happened again RIGHT WITH THE VERY FIRST EMAIL.

I tried everything I could do to remove it by going through the extensions, typing in "Google.com" to Cortana's search box, looking through the registry, etc. to no avail. It didn't used to be like this. Whatever happened to that sight?

Henceforh, even their emails will be blocked and most likely listed as spam. It was nice to dream but not at the expense of my systems which I hold dear even holding a degree in IT and Security.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Website.

Reason of review: virus filled website..

Preferred solution: Clean up your site. You must have network security officials on hand as well as security protocols in place, don't you?.

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Sounds more like some malware/virus you picked up, rather than something from PCH, tho it's never a good idea to go to their site in the first place. You do know it is a scam, don't you?

If you did a complete "reset" or what we, using windows 7 call a complete recovery, then any bad stuff would not have made it over to the new installation.

If you did just a system restore, then the bad stuff could, indeed not have been erased as it was sitting still in whatever restore point you went back to. In any event, I hope you are using an anti-virus plus things like Malwarebytes.