pch hates when u return pkges. as refusals.they don't provide a" return postage due label", making it impossible to return pkges.

properly. then they send u a bill for the returned pkges. stupidity on their part, like i'm going to pay for something i didn't keep.while conversing w/ them on the phone about this issue, i stated i would not continue ordering their products & that i was done. they retaliated by removing multiple chances to win emails from my inbox.

thank god!!! they are the worst scam ,*** around.no one wins.

& no one holds them accountable for their dishonesty!!! they suck up ur money & give nothing in return.i wasted too many yrs.,praying to win.done!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The government they're the worst it's like the mafia I'm sorry it is the mafia and we call it America


You're Right! Al Gore would have been president if they had finished counting all of the votes in Florida.


Well, Publishers Clearing House was bankrupt for me recently because of me who contacted Publishers Clearing House.