pch hates when u return pkges. as refusals.they don't provide a" return postage due label", making it impossible to return pkges.

properly. then they send u a bill for the returned pkges. stupidity on their part, like i'm going to pay for something i didn't keep.while conversing w/ them on the phone about this issue, i stated i would not continue ordering their products & that i was done. they retaliated by removing multiple chances to win emails from my inbox.

thank god!!! they are the worst scam ,*** around.no one wins.

& no one holds them accountable for their dishonesty!!! they suck up ur money & give nothing in return.i wasted too many yrs.,praying to win.done!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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publishers clearing house is a scam beware you pay them what they ask for and then they want yoy to pay the whole thing again, They should be charged with operating a ponzi scam and arrested like those in new York city , Why should they get away with doing the things that they do . They should be made to appear on camera giving away the grand prize just like the lottery does ,so why don't they how many fat cats do they have in their pockets: Beware stay away from them and save you money its a BIG SCAM AND LIERS AND THIEVES .


Watch out for the pch mystery shopper crap. Almost went to jail because its a scam.

They wanted me to deposit a $2400 dollar check in my account but i had rhe bank ckeck it out first.

PCH is nothing but crooks !! Stay the *** away from anything they have.


I hate fakes scammers like saying do I have a Amazon card that I will have to buy I cought so many fakers on Facebook trying to say that I won and I need a Amazon card to buy and use just to get my prize winnings


Because, again, they already paid in use for me to get my prize winnings


You don't have to e-mail me anymore because, again, a lot of my interest people on Pissed Consumer/Publishers Clearing House have already paid in use for me to get my prize winnings


I agree...no one answers my letters. If I call, they say they will send out the order,AND, THEY DON'T. You stink PCH!!!!


PCH is a shame because they always make you believe you are going to win. The US government needs to investigate them and make them change there ways


they keep sending me a bill for ssomething i never bought or ordered. how can they do that?

they give me an order no. n i never ordered anything grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Yes PCH does suck!


l too have experienced the same issue. return items to them and they still bill you for them.

the one that seriously *** me off i received a letter stating the utem ordered was too popular, would not be shipped for several weeks . the next damn day i get a past due notice for said item i have sent them letters about this called them. yet they still bill me for their *** mistakes. im done.

i will never order anything again. i have paid in full gor every item i received.

i get notice with part payment applied. *** apply the payment as it was sent ignorant *** need to be terminated


Its a scam to only sell cheap made in China crap!!!!!


There's plenty of cheap c.r.a.p. made in America too, my Friend.


Publishers Clearing House *** even today because I have been entering the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes both online and offline for about a decade now when I haven't won a special visit from the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Elite Team in person yet when I have even been apply for those job positions at: http://www.pchcareers.com for two years now when I haven't been selected in person as a candidate yet either when I need to catch up and do that by me to WIN IT ALL starting tomorrow on Monday, June 4th, 2018 immediately!


Never met a publisher clearinghousewinner!, the odds are worst than the florida lottery


Have you ever read their odds on Winning ? 1 in Billions !

then they blame someone for not returning the one and only winning number !

Yes , the government should investigate and make them pay out when the ending comes for a winner ! There should be a alterative winner every time !


I to am close to fed up with PCH forced advertising between loads. I enjoy the little games to a point but when upsetting and known attacks on common sense adverts pop up I for one leave upon hearing , "Hi, we have helped thousands win the lottery..."


i feel the same way.


Their products are all GARBAGE - don't order! !


The may look like something you have seen advertised elsewhere but they are not the same deal.

Many billing problems and duplicative bills; these folks make more money on Shipping and Handling and fees (like late payments) than they do actually selling ANYTHING of value!!! Stay away!!!


Yes I agree I don't know who these people are, I've never won my mom has never won and she's bought magazines for years, I think its all just a scram.


I do believe that no one wins big scam the government should check you guys out