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PCH has been sued several times by at least 31 states and I encourage people to contact your state's attorney general. Oregon just settled in 2010, a $3.5 million lawsuit with PCH for misleading people about the magazines etc. They are also misleading people about the winning super-prizes.

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 9:37 AM Updated Thursday, Sep 9 at 3:22 PM

SALEM -- Attorney General John Kroger announced a $3.5 million multi-state settlement with Publishers Clearing House Thursday, over allegations that the sweepstakes giant misled consumers about the benefits of purchasing magazines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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i don't see how they would have won a lawsuit against them. PCH has always said purchasing their products does not give them better odds at winning any of the sweepstakes.

i know on a lot of the emails i recieve from them, you have to read carefully.

it looks like you may have won but, when you read it it always says "for a chance to win $5000 a week for life" or whatever the prize is. where did you find this article about a lawsuit?

just curious


This is a well known fact! nance recites about the "misleading" lawsuit.

But there were several others as well. One, in particular was about PCH knowing the winner way beforehand, handpicking a winner long before announcements of who is the winner. If you really want to know specifics, you can send a letter of demand to PCH citing FOIA of 1974 5 USC 552 & Privacy Act of 1974 5 USC 552(a) and they will be bound by law to disclose all information relating to when, why and how many times they have been sued.

As for the states involved as quoted by nance, I cannot imagine why Rhode Island has never ever had a single winner of any of PCH's contests ( I forced them via legal channels to disclose RI winners and they cannot as they never had any RI winners, ever) except that people in RI were mislead to think that they won something. Google the phrase, "Successful Lawsuits Against Publisher's Clearing House of Port Washington, NY" and you will get a lot of verifiable info about this matter of them being sued.