PCH has been sued several times by at least 31 states and I encourage people to contact your state's attorney general. Oregon just settled in 2010, a $3.5 million lawsuit with PCH for misleading people about the magazines etc. They are also misleading people about the winning super-prizes.

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 9:37 AM Updated Thursday, Sep 9 at 3:22 PM

SALEM -- Attorney General John Kroger announced a $3.5 million multi-state settlement with Publishers Clearing House Thursday, over allegations that the sweepstakes giant misled consumers about the benefits of purchasing magazines.

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I was told i am in final stages but its been wo weeks i have also read that they have actors or family members playing like they won the big prize and they also showed me a map to my house that prize patrol was coming

Willingboro, New Jersey, United States #1214200

yes...i got a email saying i won $10,0000 it was only recinded an hour later and said it was a mistake this company is so bogus and should be put out of business for good...pch is worse than hillary and trump together

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1200808


PCH lying for real.2 years ago they send me all the documents even the note with the phone number to call because I was the winner and nobody pick the phone when I call until now.

I still have the documents and the note.

I said to my self let play this year to see if they still doing exactly same thing.Yes they still haven't change.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma, United States #1195375

They sent me an email saying don't delete this.Then saying I had 7 numbers right and then again 4.

Only to find out they're saying I only had enough right for a few tokens. They led me to believe I had almost $10,000 coming. That's extremely cruel to someone like me. It was pop ups saying I won.

Only to receive an email saying by no fault of my own. Really?!

That's cruel and unusual.We don't even do that to criminals.


They keep saying you don't have to purchase to win, then they send you 'activation' emails and when you try to leave the page it says if you leave without ordering something you forfeit your prize.

What a scam

to Anonymous #1138774

I've never seen that, and I've been playing every day for over a year!!

Falls Church, Virginia, United States #802922

Some people could really use the money like I have three kids 4 7 15 we've lived in and out of hotels .I hope to win but I know.

Its been 5years and they just keep lying . I stopped drinking 12 -24 2010 .

Look there's no need for me to go into all that just stop lying to people I really want my kids to have a place to call home .davidsangel04@Yahoo.Com


Never buy anything from PCH they will rip you off one way or another

Wheeling, Illinois, United States #723027

I was misleaded by Clearing House, and now they request money from me...

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #671910

:upset if you dont buy you cant win ...

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