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PCH has been sued several times by at least 31 states and I encourage people to contact your state's attorney general. Oregon just settled in 2010, a $3.5 million lawsuit with PCH for misleading people about the magazines etc. They are also misleading people about the winning super-prizes.

Posted on September 9, 2010 at 9:37 AM Updated Thursday, Sep 9 at 3:22 PM

SALEM -- Attorney General John Kroger announced a $3.5 million multi-state settlement with Publishers Clearing House Thursday, over allegations that the sweepstakes giant misled consumers about the benefits of purchasing magazines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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Ugh! They sent me something in the mail!

It’s the only reason I signed back up....if I don’t Win & Win Big! Giant amounts of Money then I will delete pch AGAIN!!


I have been playing for three years only won 10. dollars I have spent more 1500 dollars and my got a virus

@Norma Alvarado

I wrote to them tell them to quit sinning their crap to my husband because he believed them they sent him a check for $10 and two days later a bill so that $10 that must be the big win


I just got a telephone call from a robert white telling me from Las Vegas telling me that I had 12.7 million and on Mercedes convertible on further checking I found out that this was a scam and he’s read representing the publishing clearinghouse I think PPH need to look into this so the scamming will stop thank you


They will not stop lieing to me and will not stop emailing me they are upsetting me and misleading me .


I am concerned about the fact PCH requires one to download apps and/or a search engine to be eligible for one or more of their sweepstakes. This seems unethical and nefarious to me. I'm wondering if it's actually legal.


I was told i am in final stages but its been wo weeks i have also read that they have actors or family members playing like they won the big prize and they also showed me a map to my house that prize patrol was coming


yes...i got a email saying i won $10,0000 it was only recinded an hour later and said it was a mistake this company is so bogus and should be put out of business for good...pch is worse than hillary and trump together


i agree right away!!!!!



PCH lying for real. 2 years ago they send me all the documents even the note with the phone number to call because I was the winner and nobody pick the phone when I call until now.

I still have the documents and the note.

I said to my self let play this year to see if they still doing exactly same thing. Yes they still haven't change.


They sent me an email saying don't delete this. Then saying I had 7 numbers right and then again 4.

Only to find out they're saying I only had enough right for a few tokens. They led me to believe I had almost $10,000 coming. That's extremely cruel to someone like me. It was pop ups saying I won.

Only to receive an email saying by no fault of my own. Really?!

That's cruel and unusual. We don't even do that to criminals.


They keep saying you don't have to purchase to win, then they send you 'activation' emails and when you try to leave the page it says if you leave without ordering something you forfeit your prize.

What a scam


I've never seen that, and I've been playing every day for over a year!!


Some people could really use the money like I have three kids 4 7 15 we've lived in and out of hotels . I hope to win but I know.

Its been 5years and they just keep lying . I stopped drinking 12 -24 2010 .

Look there's no need for me to go into all that just stop lying to people I really want my kids to have a place to call home .davidsangel04@Yahoo. Com


Not PCH fault you have 3 kids and can’t afford them


Never buy anything from PCH they will rip you off one way or another


I was misleaded by Clearing House, and now they request money from me...


:upset if you dont buy you cant win ...


.. the law suit is true and was won by about 60 Oregonians...

the suit brought against PCH stated that people were misled: “This settlement will insure that Publishers Clearing House plays by the rules and does not exploit Oregonians,” Attorney General John Kroger said.

The settlement, filed in Marion County Circuit Court, will require Publishers Clearing House to increase its efforts to inform consumers that making a purchase does not increase their chances of winning. The company, which admitted no wrongdoing, also must hire an ombudsman to review mailings to insure compliance with the settlement.

Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin were all involved in the settlement, along with Oregon."


pch misslead me also for about 30 years they keep telling me i won they keep lieing to me never nothing i like to sue them alsohow do i do this my email is thank you coleen price