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i have played PCH slots and all the other games they offer so that you buy there magazines for years! i finality won two hundred and fifty dollars on the shell slots game and it totally ignored that i had won.when i tried to register a complaint it said i entered my pass word wrong and immediately removed my registration.i feel sick that they would have to treat there customers that way.has anyone else had the same problem and what can be done about it?I tried to call but they are on the east coast and im on the west coast so there is a time difference.ill try to get a hold of them tomorrow!

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Had 85 MIL tokens and now can't open PC slots, why? Dan Bartos


The same thing happened with me in that I played the instant win games, the field goal kicker game, the ball clearly went through the uprights, you are supposed to win tokens and $1000.00 this happened multiple times, however, I only receive the tokens, never the $1000.00.... TD McCaslin


I just had same thing happen to me on a $3000 slot. I matched 3 instant win symbols on center slot.

The rules say on that specific slot to match 3 instant winner symbols on center line to win prize But it didn't say I won anything. I even screenshoted it and the rules.

I contacted them and they just said I had to match 5 on that slot. But rules said 3.


The pch slots high score4s shows names with those that have scored over 300K for the day. I have a hard time getting 100K something is wrong, and they should be investigated.


I had built up over150,000,000 (one hundred and fifty million) tokens, and I finally decided to play them all and put at least 10 million tokens on each item I was trying to win. I wasn't surprised when I didn't win anything. I would venture to say that even if you had played 20 hours a day for years and had built up a billion tokens and decided to put them all down on the least popular item that you still wouldn't win.


The same thing happened to me. I took a picture of the screen! I suppose a jury will have no trouble figuring this out!


I did same thing


I am still trying to win i've put almost all my tokens on one prize that i wanted to win and nothen they don't even say who won it .


I bet several million on a rather cheap prize and still didn't win. After looking at all those ad pages, down at the bottom where it says ENTER OR SUBMIT, read the smaller print just above.

It says your name, then it says you give away your rights to an advantage of playing the games. So you lose when you submit. And the Wild West Slots always seems to have a winners list, where they all have over 200K points. Todays was 284,500.

You can never get even 200K.

These winners are probably the rule makers of the scoreboard, and they just let each other win. GSN same thing.


I have been play Pch for many years started fresh, after cancelling when I thew in the towel once before , then join up again ,i now have won 9,536,088 IN Tokens! which means nothing to me, a coupon of years ago I won $5.00 .so your chances of winning are so slim just except you'll just playing for worthless tokens, Good luck on the worthless game site.

Iem about to throw in the towel once again for good this time. The FTC. Should look ito Pch there's to many.

Complaints poping.up About. Pch, .....


Thought it was just my computer's problem at first but then anytime the instant jackpot symbols would line up the game shut down and message came that apologized but they were experiencing technical problem, Oops. Every time?

Wonder if the sponsors know what's going on?

Sounds like fraud prevention needs to look into PCH.

I don't care that much, just don't like being jerked around.

Oh, if you try to speak to someone...your are always the 1st person in the *** with a 31 sec wait and no one ever talks to you.


I have discovered something in all the pch slot games. Something I know they hope we don't notice.

But after I discovered this, I started looking for it in every single slots game and sure enough it was in every single one. They have it rigged so that nobody can win or that it's only on their terms!!! I can prove this by explaining to you that when you play each game, each line should have the pch van ( because if you get the pch van straight across your a winner.. I think now it's changed to an instant win sign) but as the lines spins ..

watch very closely. I promise you can see it. Not every single line has the pch van ( or instant win symbol) and how can anyone ever win if the winning symbol isn't in every line? They can't.

This is somewhat difficult to explain but anyone that has played the pch slots game knows that there are 7 different games. And each game you can win a different amount of money. The first game is 250$ the second is 500$ so on. Some have 3 lines and some have 5 lines but even the ones that have only 3 lines, you can still watch the lines closely as they spin and notice that one of those lines does not have the winning symbol.

(As the lines spin around one of those lines is missing the winning symbol so therefore it can't land on the symbol if it isn't there). Everytime you hit SPIN you will notice that it will be a different line that doesn't have the winning symbol. So, how can anyone win? They can't.

I believe it's FIXED this way so that nobody can win and if they change what line the symbol is NOT in, maybe we won't notice. I also believe that if someone just happens to actually win, they usually tell them it was a clinch in the system (from my research). I'm guessing it is a clinch to pch since they set it up to not let anyone win and when someone actually does, they wasn't suppose to. How can someone get away with this?

The games need to either be taken down, or they need to fix it so that people can actually win, OR tell the truth that the only thing you can win is tokens. Let's be honest.. who wants to win just tokens?

I really wish the better business buero would check into this. No company should be aloud to lie and say you can win money when in fact they have it fixed so that you can't!


Yep I noticed the same thing. The slots are a total scam... what a waste of time...they should be sued for bein phonies And wasting people's time


yes lady..i have had a lot of problems with the games,magazines.


I have been there twice. 3 months ago I got all three gold pots on the slots, I should have won 2500 dollars.

I also did it this morning.

Same as last time...nothing. imagine that.


I Have won twice on the pch cash casino app. $10 each time.

Got the money and used it so they are real to an extent.

I don't know about fair tho. And don't forget they are banking money from all these ads you have to watch.


Win loot said I ordered lip stick...I'm an sixty year old man?! Why to they send me a bill???? Time to delete this URL...


It's unfortunate that most ppl have complaints about pch. I on the other hand have won $10 on a scratch off and was actually awarded my check. Keep hope alive


PCH is real. They make money from commissions on all the stuff they advertise for other companies, plus they probably get paid per views of those repetitive commercials they run on the internet (between the games).

But because of the number of mailings they have (millions per month) and the number of online games with embedded commercials (millions, probably billions of views per month), your odds of winning are astronomical. I haven t won in PCH lotto...but I have won the smaller prizes...TWICE! The total was for just under $200, but at least I won.

The bottom line is this: For mailings, look the items over, pick out something you d like but then visit Walmart, Dollar Tree or Dollar General, where you can usually get the exact same items much cheaper (although you d burn up extra gas trying to find them).

Online, just play the games and have fun. As for the tokens and prizes, just let them pile up or use them if you wish.

If you really do win a prize, look at the wording carefully - if it really says "You have won!" then take a screen shot, save it and print it out as proof. If it says "You have won...a chance to be entered" or "a chance at winning..." then that s all you have - a chance.

Remember, money you earn or save or are given is real. Everything else - including PCH - are pipe dreams. The big difference is that PCH doesn't cost anything (other than an occasional stamp, time and the cost of electronics and internet that you already are using).

Just have fun with it and (if you are responding to a mailing), just give the stickers and stamps to your child/grandchild/relatives. You ll enjoy watching them play quietly more than any fantasy of getting rich overnight.


They have one marked that says guaranteed to be given away. A few nights at a lodge.

That one will have to be given away. I guess the others may, or may not be given away. And over 65K for an F150 is just way to much. F150 is a car frame with something that looks like a pickup.

Paid that much for a Chevy Silverado CC, with the longest bed of the all.

And no plastic Ford fenders. :)