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I have gotten several items from PCH and all of them are junk. These items are not worth the time to look at let alone the time to order them .

Example got the camping lights worthless i can get more light from a Bic lighter , the mini screwdriver set twisted off the first time i used it the knife sharpener worked for 1 knife .PCH im done with you . Does any onein your company even test the cheap made *** you sell?

Maybe you should stick to selling magizenes like you use to . your games are just a way to get people to buy the junk you sell.

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PCH is a direct marketing company and is a complete scam to sell cheap worthless Chinese junk and magazines. They suck you in with the idea of winning the sweepstakes.

It's all a fallacy. Winners are non-existent.

They sell your name to other companies and make money off of you, and you get nothing in return. Their token are worthless.


PCH products are completely worthless. This fraudulent company must think we are all stupid.

Their so called sweepstakes is a complete scam to sell cheap Chinese junk and magazines. Lotto games are impossible to win.

How dare PCH scamming people out of their hard earned money. Winners are non-existent.


My Grandma has been entering sweepstakes and ordering products from PCH since they started in the year 1953. Never once won a single thing.

All the junk products that she ordered are long broken and thrown in the trash where they belong. Grandma spent her hard earned social security checks on PCH junk hopefully get rich.

Her dream never came true. No one's ever will because PCH is a complete scam.


You could put a billion tokens down to try to win a McDonald's $25 gift card and not win.


One chance in 6.2 BILLION of winning "the big one"!!!!... With those odds how can anyone buy their cheap Chinese plastic throw away garbage?...desperate and gullible people that's who.

One example I heard about is how you might order something that is inevitably back ordered then they charge you for being late when they clearly state that you do not have to pay or send money "right away". I truly believe these crooks are OWNED by some Chinese criminals in cahoots with SOMEONE working in the no justice department otherwise they would have been shut down eons ago.


Pch is an unscrupulous fraudulent company. Pch throws out all sweepstake entries that do not order their cheap worthless Chinese junk and magazines. Winners are a fallacy.


Lawsuits should be filed against PCH a fraudulent company. Lotto games are rigged.

Sweepstake so called winners are fake. A complete scam to sell cheap worthless Chinese junk products and magazines.


The ground collapsing underneath your feet are greater than winning anything from Pch. Just another scam to sell worthless Chinese junk products. Magazines are over priced.


The ground collapsing underneath your feet are greater than winning anything from Pch. Just a scam to sell worthless Chinese junk products. Magazines are over priced.


i have never won a single thing from pch its a big scam


PCH is a complete scam to sell cheap Chinese junk and magazines. Being hit by a meteorite are greater than winning anything from PCH.


I have had the same experience with all of the products ordered from PCH. I always end up sending them back, throwing them away or giving them away.

There has not been a single item that performed the intended function as advertised. And, once you pay for shipping, the cost of the product almost doubles. Since, all of the products that I wanted and ordered have been absolute crap, I sure as *** would never order one of their $30-value "Free Surprise" gifts and pay shipping for it!!!

PCH, it's not free if you have to pay for it, D**b *** At least they don't charge extra for the magazines. I will stick to magazines, although those are now also becoming cheaper directly from the magazine publishers.


I have over 10,000,000 tokens and have never won anything,

I have played more games then you can imagine.

ALSO I WAS SENT A OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION THAT I WON 1 million dollars, pch even sent me the company that was going to deliver the check, NEVER HAPPENED, how disappointed is that

Unfair practices thanks for lies


Everything PCH sells can be purchased at local prices. What is no is JUNK.

My last purchase was strawberry plants.

After opening the box I found that I had purchased a box of dirt. PCH can have it back at their expense for pick-up




I have to agree that many of the items ordered from pch are not of good quality. They would benefit more by selling a higher end product.

I have tried not to place orders lately but made the mistake once again. I will not order again!!


I've had similar experiences with PCH products. A wrist blood pressure monitor that didn't work, a set of John Wayne movies that were obviously recorded off a video screen and were worthless, some knives and a suction device.

Didn't cost me a dime! I contacted PCH to get a return label. In all FOUR cases they told me to keep the merchandise or toss it in the trash and they issued a FULL refund! What does that tell you?

They KNOW they are selling junk that isn't even worth retrieving! I don't mess with them any longer.


I agree. Most of what they sell is junk.

No wonder they can afford to give away so much money. They sale stuff worth a penny, for a dollar.

Disgusting. I'll keep entering the sweepstakes, but will never place another order.


This is completely true. PCH is legalized spam for ***.


More like scam.