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I have gotten several items from PCH and all of them are junk. These items are not worth the time to look at let alone the time to order them .

Example got the camping lights worthless i can get more light from a Bic lighter , the mini screwdriver set twisted off the first time i used it the knife sharpener worked for 1 knife .PCH im done with you . Does any onein your company even test the cheap made *** you sell?

Maybe you should stick to selling magizenes like you use to . your games are just a way to get people to buy the junk you sell.

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Pch always say, an order would be appreciated. Pch wants you to order their cheap worthless Chinese junk and magazines.

I believe fair is fair.

Let someone win the sweepstakes and then order your cheap worthless Chinese junk and magazines. But of course, Pch is a complete scam and will not let anyone win.


I agree with you entirely Kelsey. Publishing Clearing House is a total scam.

All you ever win is worthless tokens, which are worth nothing at all. Publishing Clearing House is a waste of time, a complete joke.

They prey on the guliable. Try to sell you on this fantasy of winning a life changing fortune, which of course is a complete falsehood.


Absolutely true Cheryl, my grandmother has been playing publishing clearing house games and ordering their junk, and entering their sweepstakes since 1953, sixty five years, and never once won a thing. She continues to play in false hopes of winning big.

Their are many people sucked in with the idea of winning.

Pch preys on these people. Pch is a total scam


People wake up and see what Publishing Clearing House is shoveling. The lotto games are rigged so no winner is possible.

The sweepstakes is also rigged so no winner is possible. Their tokens have no value, you can bid all of them and still not win a single prize . Eventually, Publishing Clearing House will take all your tokens. They are a fraudulent company.

They make their money on advertising,and selling your name to other companies. Publishing Clearing House is unscrupulous. A total scam. Fight back.

Do not buy their cheap, worthless Chinese junk products.

Delete their Emails get off their mailing lists. Avoid Publishing Clearing House force them out of business.


I don't believe I could have said it better Charleston. Publishing Clearing House is a total scam.

Searching to win is a philsing scam to open the door for spam Emails. Winning on Publishing Clearing House lotto games and their so called life changing sweepstakes is something God can't accomplish. No one ever wins.

It's all a lie just so you will order Publishing Clearing Houses cheap Chinese junk and magazines. People, contact your states attorney general's and file a law suit against this deceptive company.


My question to Publishing Clearing House is why no response to all the people's comments about their issues with your company. If you are truly a fair and honest company,as you claim to be why not try to resolve their troubles. Maybe the reason is because all the accusations are correct and are a truly deceptive, fraudulent company.


I cannot believe the government continues to let this deceptive company stay in business. That company being Publishing Clearing House.

Publishing Clearing House main objective is to make money by any means possible. Even if it means taking advantage of people by selling cheap worthless Chinese junk products. That you can purchase at the dollar store, and not pay their outrageous shipping and handling charges. They try to sell you on the fantasy of winning a life changing fortune.

By entering their sweepstakes, and playing their non winnable lotto games.

If by the slightest chance you win on a game, Pch tells you experiencing technical difficulties,and winnings are invalid. The government should file a class action law suit against this fraudulent company.


Karen, you are totally correct about Publishing Clearing House. The products they sell have no value.

Shipping and handling charges are way out of line. The government should step in and investigate Publishing Clearing Houses sales tatics. They are a undisputable fraudulent company.

Publishing Clearing House main objective is to take your money, and you receive little or next to nothing. A complete and a obviously a total scam without the slightest chance to win anything.


I have to agree with all the costumer complaints with publishing clearing House not everyone can be wrong. I ordered products from Publishing Clearing House all have been very poor quality.

Most of the products were broken upon arrival, others broke within a day or two. I'm convinced Publishing Clearing House brain washed you with the fantasy of winning a life changing fortune so you buy their sub par products. I can imagine the gullible people think the more I buy the better the opportunity to win. That is the scam.

It's undisputable. Publishing Clearing House is a complete and undeniable fraudulent company.


Yes I wish to win the $5,000 a week forever prize this would be a dream come true for me and my family

@Douglas Rogers

A lot of people have that same dream. That's exactly what it is a dream, because PCH will never let it come true for anyone.

No one ever wins.

Do you ever see the so called sweepstakes winners on PCH's commercials, if you look closely they are all the same people. Family members of sponsors of PCH.


this guy is right PCH is a scam. I don't think they really give away anything. Not since ed McManly


Searching is useless, never win. lotto games useless never win.

Sweepstakes useless never win anything.

Pch is a complete scam to sell cheap Chinese junk and magazines. Tokens are worthless.


I agree with you Nicloe completely. Pch sells Chinese junk that you can get at a dollar store for a dollar or less.

Pch will sell for twenty dollars plus ten or twelve dollars for shipping and handling. They claim to be a fair and honest company. If so, when you win money on a lotto game. Why do they tell you experiencing technical difficulties, your winnings are invalid.

A total scam. File a law suit against PCH.


Pch is a total scam, con, ripoff. They sell worthless junk products that are way over priced and charge an outrageous shipping and handling.

They make you believe you have a chance to win a fortune,which even God could not win just to to buy their Chinese junk and magazines. File a law suit against this fraudulent company.


I agree with you one hundred percent Logan. I have no respect for publishing clearing house.

They will do anything to get you to buy their worthless Chinese junk and magazines. Tell you that you can win cash prizes on their lotto games only to say experiencing technical difficulty and your winnings are invalid. Telling you that you are in the running to win the sweepstakes, which is a complete lie.

No one ever wins nothing but worthless tokens. People don't be taken advantage by this unscrupulous company


PCH claims to be a fair and honest company. If so,why sell cheap, worthless Chinese junk products.

When someone wins money on one PCH lotto games. Only to find out that PCH was experiencing technical difficulties and your winnings are invalid.


Sure sounds like fair and honest company to me. I'm being scarasctic.

PCH they're in business to make money, not give it away, which they do not.

People do not be guilable. Stay away from PCH they are a joke, a scam, con, whatever you want to call this unscrupulous, fraudulent company.Believe me when I say, the one that wins is PCH.


Well, If you are in the market for junk merchandise then you should just go down to your local thrift-store or graage sale or yard sale or tag-sale. At least there you don't have to pay for postage and handling and can hold the item before you buy it.


PCH cons people with the idea of winning money and prizes.To get people to order magazines, and worthless Chinese junk.Pch's lotto games,and sweepstakes is a total scam. No one ever wins anything.

Winners on television are related to the sponsors. Avoid PCH like the plague.