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I have gotten several items from PCH and all of them are junk. These items are not worth the time to look at let alone the time to order them .

Example got the camping lights worthless i can get more light from a Bic lighter , the mini screwdriver set twisted off the first time i used it the knife sharpener worked for 1 knife .PCH im done with you . Does any onein your company even test the cheap made *** you sell?

Maybe you should stick to selling magizenes like you use to . your games are just a way to get people to buy the junk you sell.

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Publishing Clearing House is a complete scam to sell cheap Chinese junk and magazines. The lotto and scratch games are rigged to Never win money.

No one wins the sweepstakes unless you're a relative of Publishing Clearing House sponsors. If Publishing Clearing House was indeed a fair and honest company as they claim, why not sell products that are high quality that last more than a day.


If Publishing Clearing House is a fair and honest company which they claim to be. Why sell cheap, worthless Chinese junk products. Also, hand out worthless tokens that are not redeemable from your rigged to never to win money games.


There are some good things but for the most part some of these items you can get in the dollar store. Also I think that the S&H is outrageous, it’s bad enough for the cost of some of these items but then you get the bill for it? OMG just not worth it!


Type your message here My husband bought some items (actually too many) from PCH. Everything is of the cheapest quality, basically chunk.

It is a total waste of money.

I do not trust this company at all. They send you "free gifts" and then have the audacity to charge you shipping and handling for it.


Publishing Clearing House keeps saying, we worked so hard to find something for you to try. Please reconsider and try something.

You are passing on some really great deals. We are not passing on great deals.

We are not wasting money on your junk, worthless products made in China. .


Why does Publishing Clearing House push people into buying their cheap Chinese junk products. Publishing Clearing House says, an order would be appreciated.

Would you please try something. We have worked so very hard to find something for you. Why would a consumer waste their hard earned money on their inferior products. Products you can find for a dollar or less at the dollar store.

The very same products Publishing Clearing House sells for twenty dollars or more and charges outrageous shipping and handling.

Publishing Clearing House says a life changing grand prize will be coming to you. Only to never happen unless you are a relative to one of their sponsors.


I agree percent.The only thing you left out is Publishing Clearing House is a total scam, and a fraudulent company. Have you ever noticed when playing their lotto and scratch off games, you will see at times,oops!

experiencing technical difficulties.

That's because you about to win money. Publishing Clearing House will not allow a winner.


I truly believe that Publishing Clearing House is a scam to sell cheap worthless Chinese junk and magazines. They keep saying search to win, play the lotto and scratch games to win.

I've been playing for over twelve years and won nothing but worthless tokens. Publishing Clearing House tells you to enter the sweepstakes, saying your in the final step in winning the grand prize, only you don't win a thing. I honestly believe all so called winners are frauds to keep you on the hook. They keep saying we have your address, and will stopping by any minute to award you the grand prize, only to find out that you won nothing.

I believe the so called winners are all for show, fakes. Something should be done about this fraudulent company.


I could not have said it better. Publishing Clearing House is a scam.

I too have been playing for years never winning a red cent. Publishing Clearing House play with your mind at the idea of winning a life changing prize, only to come up short every single time.All that matters to Publishing Clearing House is making money from their inferior products. The product in their mailings look far better than when you receive them. Just pure junk made in China, and worthless.

I agree all winners are fake news.

That's why I no longer enter their sweepstakes or play their lotto and scratch games. Winning moneyis impossible.


I totally agree with the last two messages, Publishing Clearing House is a scam company. They wouldn't sell cheap, worthless Chinese junk products, if they were a fair and honest company as they claim.


Publishing Clearing House is beyond a shadow of doubt a scam company.The thirty dollar so called free gift they offer is an example of just how Publishing Clearing House is a fraudulent company. The gifts aren't worth a penny and they charge you an outrageous shipping and handling fee.


I agree completely. Publishing Clearing House convinces people that they have chance to win a life changing fortune.

In reality of it all is totally preposterous. Do not fall for their scam.

Most of all, do not order their cheap, worthless, Chinese junk products and magazines. Paying their outrageous shipping and handling fees are insane.


Publishing Clearing House claims to have given away 434 million dollars on over the years. I find that to be totally ridiculous.

Because I truly believe no one has won a dime.

A lie becomes the truth if someone believes the lie. Publishing Clearing House is the biggest scam company in the world.They suck the life blood out you and wouldn't lose a moment of sleep.




Publishing Clearing House, why so many commercials on television, showing so called winners of your sweepstakes. Everyone knows they are paid actors just like your spokesman,.

Wayne Brady. They look like they're reading off a teleprompter. If you are truly a fair and honest company like you state.

Why sell cheap worthless Chinese Junk. Also, whenever you win on one of your lotto games, what do you always say, experiencing technical difficulties and your winnings are invalid.


Publishing Clearing House is a complete scam. Total BS.

They prey on the elderly, and the gullible. Telling everyone that if you order their cheap Chinese junk and magazines.

A life changing fortune will come to you. Avoid Publishing Clearing House like the plaque.


They are equal opportunity scammers : they prey on EVERYBODY!


Tokens are completely worthless. I've been playing the lotto games, and redeeming tokens for twelve years, never won a single thing.

Publishing Clearing House is the biggest scam in this country. They have law suits pending in all fifty states. Publishing Clearing House makes most of their money by selling your name to spam companies. Stop buying their Chinese junk and over priced magazines,and outrageous shipping and handling costs.

Force them out of business. All the money they claim to have given away is a complete falsehood.


So true! The pictures of the items look worthy enough to order, but most of it is junk.

I’m curious if, possibly, PCH receives a higher quality item for their approval but the mass order is substandard to what they approved. (?) Most of the orders I placed were the result of being made to feel guilty; you know the line they use: “Betty, we worked so hard to find something you would want. Won’t you place an order today?” I finally took the attitude, “I’ve spent a lot of time and money on PCH. If all you can give me is tokens, color me gone.” To my shame, I’ve earned more than 100 million tokens and purchased over $100 in junk.

Also, the free $30 gifts are a laugh. I wouldn’t pay $1 for them.


I have to say not everyone can be wrong. I've gone over all the complaints about Publishing Clearing House and I come to a conclusion that there has to be something phoney about this company.

I've known a lot of people who religiously enter their sweepstakes and play the games. Never once win a thing. Beyond a shadow of doubt, I truly believe Publishing Clearing House scams people in believing a life changing fortune will come their way if they order the junk products and magazines they sell. It's all about the money and not about people Publishing Clearing House cares about.

Why no rebuttal from Publishing Clearing House. Could be all the complainant's are true.