Bastrop, Texas
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well i won $70/50 once and 20 once both on the instant win cards.. but it was back in 2014..

I played 8 hrs a day 7 days a week and treated it like a second job.

The real problem is if you ever order anything from them, they send the merchandise after the guarantee expires...the merchandise is ***...the payment system is rigged so you have to send a check (they add on late fees making a $5 purchase cost over $30 when you include the overpriced shipping) 10 yrs (or feels like it) playing bingo with no 0s and they have so many ads you cannot even find the fun games anymore unless you know how to get around their minefield of *** merchandise, so far i have little luck with that. I really enjoyed the daily games including puzzles and word games but i moved to slower internet (after 2014)and may have to give it all up because you cant even whiz through their trash anymore unless you have the highest speed and work on 2 computers.

Reason of review: lost time on losing site 3 yrs time.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: False claims of winning, Time involved in finding games, Payment processing always out of order, Way too many ads attached to games.

  • dishonest
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