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Attention all people.Have you wasted at least an hour every day, (actually takes 2 hours to play every single game offered by pch)playing PCH games, hoping and praying to win?

Have you been playing for years all to no avail? Have you bought products that actually broke in the very first use? Have you been a victim to "sweepstakes clearing house" and their fake vouchers? (actually a sponsor of PCH).

Have you seen that you won but was unable to collect for any reason? It is time for another massive lawsuit against PCH and their bullcrap games (deceptions) actually designed to get your info so PCH can sell it or their overpriced items imported from china or refurbished items they got for free.Have you built up worthless tokens that are only to be used to enter into drawings that no one really wins?

Do research and learn that they have been sued many times before.Then if you feel you are a party to their bullcrap, plz do contact me so I can add your name to a massive class action lawsuit.

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I won instant wins on slots they said I never played at the time I won or on the slot even said my email wasn't playing at that time.i had all my info slot name and time what a joke this place is a waste of time


I won the jackpot once its just rare because there are millions of players on PCH every day


I have been with PCH about 13-15 yrs and have had no problem until I got a telephone call survey.They asked me questions and because I answered 1 question not to their liking and the Attorney Generals office in La, they dropped me as a consumer.

I called PCH and Attorney Generals office and both told me they could not help me. I was an Excellant buyer on PCH. Now I have been screwed. A lot of money I paid PCH.

This is Tragic.

I tried to get a lawyer, but can't t find one to help me.Amen


Can I ask you guys did you get any emails after the 10/10 from pch for the 10/13 SuperPrize? Some really weird things was happening to me and still are from pch! I’ve been playing for well over 10 years, but this time is really different and pch might not be honest people if I’m right!


First, be aware that even if someone was able to place a class action lawsuit (which is very expensive and difficult to do) and miraculously won the suit, you would get almost nothing.I have been in the class for other class actions and I got a small coupon for something or a few (and I mean a few) dollars.

The only ones who make big money from class action law suits are the lawyers and maybe the original person.So don't expect your money back.

Second, you know it's a scam so why are you continuing to play, just drop it, there are no miracles, just suckers.


I would be interested in being apart of the lawsuit.I have been playing 4 months straight, 6-8hrs and sometimes more.

I have entered in every sweepstake entry for the 15 million super prize and even got a certificate that states that I was the sole owner for the super prize. Just my luck I haven't won a penny and I have been playing sense January 14, 1997. I have recently tried to win the October prize but that was also a no avoid. I have received multiple emails stating that I have done or won it, including a certificate of winner prize selection number that only had to be verified by responding.

I have also talked to attorneys all over this state and all of them say they can't take that type of case.I would love to be in on the lawsuit.


People must contact their states Attorney General.I won $50,000 2 years ago on their old 21 game but the page instantly refreshed so I couldn't even take a screen shot.

Last week I won $10,000 on one of their scratch cards and guess what the page refreshed again! Now when you win the page refreshes so you have no proof. As for the gameroom that too crooked when you see people playing a game a minute and making scores of 1,000,000 tokens an hour which is impossible. Now they have a new Keno game, you make 15K -20K a game but the same top people are making 40K-60K a game.

Every week the same names pop up for all leaderboards, prizes and tournaments Like Kim O who won 7-17-17 a $250 Target gift card and then won again on 7-19-17 leader board for $500 A total of $750 for 2 days! Or Mychel who has won the Keno board 4 or 5 times! LIARS and CHEATS!

The company that runs the games for PCH is out of Canada and they have a shop in Minnesota I once knew the name but have forgotten it.It's Americus something or other.

to Anonymous #1357897

I almost forgot, I had stopped playing for about a year, when I went back the 70,000,000 that took me 18 month to earn had disappeared!My account was still there but it was like I had never played any games and had to start at the very beginning!

I complained and they said I never had 70M tokens!

But I had video proof and after I posted it on you tube then they opened an investigation, that as 6 weeks ago and they still haven't returned my 70M tokens Here's the video I recently posted from 3-6-15.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPQ8tW5C2cs&feature=youtu.be

to Anonymous #1379773

I had emails that there was a winner for the #8800 SuperPrize!

to Lachel #1379776

I saved all them and forwarded them to them!I was getting notices all the way up to where they where supposed to be out for delivery for the #8800 I have all the emails from them!

Now I’m getting emails saying it’s still up for grabs even though it wasn’t a winner so for me to get special chances to enter for it for some special second chance or something!

On the emails they all say winner of pch gwy #8800.Maybe they were scared to come into the deep hood where I live!

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