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Attention all people. Have you wasted at least an hour every day, (actually takes 2 hours to play every single game offered by pch)playing PCH games, hoping and praying to win?

Have you been playing for years all to no avail? Have you bought products that actually broke in the very first use? Have you been a victim to "sweepstakes clearing house" and their fake vouchers? (actually a sponsor of PCH).

Have you seen that you won but was unable to collect for any reason? It is time for another massive lawsuit against PCH and their *** games (deceptions) actually designed to get your info so PCH can sell it or their overpriced items imported from china or refurbished items they got for free.Have you built up worthless tokens that are only to be used to enter into drawings that no one really wins?

Do research and learn that they have been sued many times before. Then if you feel you are a party to their *** plz do contact me so I can add your name to a massive class action lawsuit.

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my names kim yes i won alot of Tokens and i play them,'' not won anything from the token. i am up to the blue ruby.

but has not won anything. i play all their tokens game and search to win and slot and i has not won any thing. they new slot game call Caesars, every time i play lose all my token and ever win the money show on the board. hmmm.

ask me i want to buy stokens play their free games for Caesars slot. hummm. it first be free. i do the starch off all the time i ever win.

hummm. i play all the one they send my email too. i have been scam to said i won 2 half millions. it was scram.

that suck. i know just playing the lotto from the store ever win. i heard story about them too' i don't why i keep getting these other sweepstakes said i won big money or free samples. it all a lie.

there the one need to get big times send me i won $50,000,000. they want you play more their games or enter more their repeat notice to keep playing.

for nothing. see if you won find out it all lie!


I think that the PCH games would be ideal for someone serving time in prison. That way they could devote 10 or 12 hours a day to doing nothing but entering sweepstakes and playing scratch off cards and entering tokens.


I to have played games for hours on end each day just to answer eight to ten emails a day. that is crazy what they expect one to do.

there for a while I was spending 8 to 10 hours on games.

you can add my name to the scam list for PCH. ropif99@yahoo.com


I received several times mail and emails saying im one of the finalists for the grand prize but never win.


Publisher clearing house for a while now and I still haven't won anything and they keep sending me email saying you could win or you going to win if you do this if you do that but nothing happened




They advertised a date earlier in 2019, and then didn't give away the big prize.


See below, this is PCH Frontpage other sexual harassment PCH customer prove. TODAY'S OVERVIEW Pisces Feb.

19 - Mar. 20 Make This My Default Sign Whether you are single or partnered, a flirtation with an associate is likely to be tempting today.

If you are available, go ahead and let yourself be penetrated by Cupid's arrows! If you already have a sweetheart waiting for you at home, it won't hurt to look at the menu as long as you don't order anything.


In the 80's thousands of unopened Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes entries were found in a landfill. All of the envelopes had been unopened and they were thrown out because there was a little window in the envelope that showed if you were placing an order or not. PCH only opened the envelopes that had orders in them and simply threw the rest of them away, because they didn't want them to win because they hadn't ordered anything.


Didn't they get sued in the '80s because they were only giving prizes to people that were ordering magazines? I heard that one customer won because she was ordering about $250 worth of magazines a year.


Add me dukesgirl1974@gmail.com Kristy Duke


It's all just simply a scam. Maybe not as obvious as most of them, but it is a scam.

@Lets Have A Dollar General Wedding

Yes, and we can spend our honeymoon at the Budget Inn.


You know what I just realized something I called publishers clearing House and I chat asking them why have I not one I'm doing everything I'm supposed to do blase Skippy according to they customer service she said to me it's like the lottery you got all these people trying to win but only one or whatever can win and I was just like that stupid


I've been through that situation where I have bought stuff and then they will send me a scratch off every time you buy something to see you scratch off to win some money and it never happens it's crazy that's why I don't even buy that stuff no more but I had been a victim of that


Please add me to the lawsuit Lisa Grady 1982 a gmail.com


hello everybody I've been playing this game for years and believe it or not I still haven't won anything it said I owe them some money and once I pay them I guess that's when I win something but I'm not for sure if that's true or not


pch has made it so i have spent major time and valuable money on junk! telling me im so close to winning and then telling me i won 10000 then nothing i want something done. with this phony *** they push.

@Patricia Ann Wilder

They tell me the same thing every time I buy a stuff they say I'm close and keep going this Nat and I just stopped buying stuff cuz I never win


PCH Cultivation some Hacker, these Hacker specialized into PCH customer email address, peek people email and want get some Private privacy and bank account Secrets. I told PCH the big owner many time, hope he control PCH all these scam and cheat, but he no do any, let PCH these Hacker more crazy. PCH need close the business door.