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Attention all people. Have you wasted at least an hour every day, (actually takes 2 hours to play every single game offered by pch)playing PCH games, hoping and praying to win?

Have you been playing for years all to no avail? Have you bought products that actually broke in the very first use? Have you been a victim to "sweepstakes clearing house" and their fake vouchers? (actually a sponsor of PCH).

Have you seen that you won but was unable to collect for any reason? It is time for another massive lawsuit against PCH and their bullcrap games (deceptions) actually designed to get your info so PCH can sell it or their overpriced items imported from china or refurbished items they got for free.Have you built up worthless tokens that are only to be used to enter into drawings that no one really wins?

Do research and learn that they have been sued many times before. Then if you feel you are a party to their bullcrap, plz do contact me so I can add your name to a massive class action lawsuit.

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PCH Prize patrol David sexual harassment PCH a woman customer 6 years, send many obscene photos to her and send many cheat and scam email to her .PCH no good. PCH too greed, want more and more money from all People inter, this why any people if want win from PCH, have play long long time and even all life, no win any, but instead PCH earn big money from all PCH player.PCH is true scam company.

to jillydu03 #1565311

No, PCH is not a true scam company at all!


PCH is true scam company. Every year PCH have $1000Million income, but every year only award under $1%, and only donate $150,000, rest money all go to PCH pocket.

PCH steal many many PCH player play the sweepstakes money, because PCH all income almost came from PCH player play the sweepstakes.

Therefore all PCH player need together start Prosecution to PCH, want PCH back all money to all PCH player. No play PCH, PCH IS TRUE SCAM COMPANY.

to jillydu03 #1563338

Don't worry, jillydu03, PCH will do all the work for us because I need a special pop up message to let me know that I won and earn both 900,000,000 tokens and $1 MILLION DOLLARS in cash at my new account information to log on at: Email address: stanciohb@outlook.com Password: {{redacted}} at both the http://www.pch.com website and so is The PCH App starting tomorrow on Wednesday, September 19th, 2018 at 12:00am immediately!


I'm getting very irate at the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Elite Team right now so please let me have those very important Publishers Clearing House/refund check issues with them in person starting tomorrow on Wednesday, September 12th, 2018 immediately!

to StancioHButler #1563320

Yes, please let me win and receive a Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol visit including Todd Sloane in person immediately!


Please add me. Maesapril96@gmail.com


YesIv Ben Doing PCH For Oever 40 Years Have Not Won A Dime Bot Tuns Of Crap Yes Add Me To Your Law Sute ,Phon#541.852.2091


Add me es2968581@gmail.com


I have over 311 Million tokens on PCH.com. They have destroyed my life!

They take up all my time with their promise of a win. :(


Hi my name is Lisa Grady and I've been playing publishing clearing house for 5 years now and I haven't won anything but $5 here and there


This still going on, add me to it andresluisherrera@gmail.com


I being doing everything push say neglecting everybody for them add me sdsales12345@gmail.com


Count me in... freeasabird1971@hotmail.comCountless hours spent.

Downloading. Lotto. Search front page. Scratch offs.

Arcade games.

Slots. ...blahblah blah


Add me as well markmathis77@hotmail.com


Add me credille82@yahoo.com they had told me I won a super prize then took it back I did everything for the entry bought so many things from them played hours of their app been playing since 2008 by mail and online.


junadagem@gmail.com and please send more info. Thank you


Please add me to the law suitBeverly Silas I have played this sweepstakes for 6+ years.bemley87@gmail.com


Add me Ronnie Morgan email ronniemorgan1955@gmail.com


Please send me more information my email is marilynbrumfield1955@gmail .com. thank you

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