Morrilton, Arkansas

The "Fiery Funds in the May 1 Lotto kept popping up so that I was unable to play. No matter what game I chose, I was repeatedly told that I had already played that one and would not accept any further play by me.

This has happened before. What is wrong with your Sun. staff?

The last time this happened, several weeks ago, you had to print an apology and offer another type of entry. I appreciated your attention to the weekend staff's errors.

I'm wondering if this will reach your editorial staff. How about it - weekend staff?

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It's been happening to me also. I e-mailed pch and they responded (finally) that they were not able to resolve/fix their own problem(s).

I suggested the hire someone who actually knows how to program, not just pur up some(times) interactive screens.


I have also been having this problem.

This has not happened to me before, but this month I have not been able to play more than one game a day.