The site won't let me log in, this has happened before, & I tried to retrieve my password & username, & the site won't even submit my information at all.I even tried to change my password & that doesn't work.

This problem can cause me to lose any & all of my chances to win. I am very upset, & I don't think its fair. I requested another password & I still haven't received it. I feel I have really been done wrong.

I've been with pch since October of 2012, & I don't know or understand why I can't log in now.I feel I should be given another chance & opportunity to play for the million, & the ten million dollar

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carol8908@outlook.com.Here are my PCH.

Lotto numbers Lotto Card1-23-38-43-7-14-3-29 those are my lotto numbers. Thank you very much You.

Have a Bless day.Carolina Dominguez


Can't log in to play and submit for Chance to win. Says bad request. Heading to big for browser.

Waterbury, Connecticut, United States #646508

All I can say is SHAME ON YOU.


I can not log into pch games there is no submit button will not except my e-mail or password. I can not get into play the games

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