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At least once every couple of months I get an email from PCH that says "the person with your initials MJ in your area is about to be a winner in the $5,000 a month for life drawing". I would like to see how many winners there have been with the initials MJ over a period of 37 years in my area that have won the PCH contest for $5,000 a week for life. It sure as *** hasn't been me.

I have ordered and played their games and spent endless hours and money, hooked on trying to win that money for life and I have never as much as won a single $1.00.

Now unless my math is really bad the odds of winning are nothing like what PCH tells the world they are.

I have entered every single day for 37 years, figure it out.

They bombard me with emails daily it is making me crazy you cannot get away from them even if you try.

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I am entering pch because my mother's obsession with playing ,she died penniless, after year's of playing .


Yeah they get you were it hurts. I am out of work due to accident now for 7 months.

My husband's work is almost dried up and he was an Iron worker or 35 years. We are struggling. I get tired of all the email's. I have limited tort and even though it was the other guys fault in the wreck, not much I can do to go after him.

and oh yeah my husband's car was just totaled last week thanks to someone running a red-light. He has cracked ribs.

God will get us through. Not PCH.


Well, I'm sure bad language and negativity over this has really helped you. :) :)


I say ditto to everything you justs aaid.


When they say "someone in your area" what they really mean is someone in the area of local television area....Which can mean your immediate neighboring states. How ever, when you get that particular mailing, many of your neighbors are getting them as well and with the initials of the addressee.As for the actual odds broken down into layman's terms: A person has to be of legal age to collect winnings, so that reduces the odds by about 45-50%.

The numbers that PCH attests to therefor round out to about 2.5 times the entire world's population. Then consider that PCH is only doing USA...it will appear that it is impossible to win.