South Burlington, Vermont

I been entering over 30 years and haven't won a penny. As for the winners they show on TV they are paid actors.

Check it out people!!! PCH has lost me as a customer a long time ago. Promises by them you have won, is such a hook and got ya, to buy from them. *** Yes!

Losers us, don't buy *** from them. I am not entering any of their contest ever again.

They are full of themselves and really make good on all their promises. Stand up people and say NO to paying any thing from them.

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Yeah, I've been playing PCH contests for well over 30 years and haven't won *** It's a huge scam. All they want is for us to buy their cheap products that are not worth anything!

DO NOT waste your time with the scammers! It's all B.S.!

Try researching the people on their "Winners List". End of story!


Personally, I want to be one of their paid actors-being disabled, it's literally the only job I could actually do... Although since I can barely afford a decent trailer in the nicest park in towne, they wouldn't want me anyway, since ALL the "winners" have nice homes in nice neighbourhoods (yes, even the apartment complex was fairly upscale!


The only people I think I the right to recourse here are the thousands upon thousands of people who are told they won a large sum prize, only to be notified 5-24 hours later that it was a "mistake" and the prize went to the "real winner."

This happens all the time according to the complaints that vary in time frame. Its not like they all occurred on same day which could be attributed to an honest glitch or error.

But no. This is an ongoing mind *** that PCH plays with people. Especially the VIP people.

Not cool, PCH. Shameful.


Only 30 years? I have been entering for twenty years longer than that and I haven't won anything either! I never really expected to, though; I know PCH is a fraud and never really gives any money out--they just want you to buykbxerz their shoddy, Chinese-made junk hoping that will help you win--but it WON'T!




It has been reported by many people that PCH is in fact a scam and the people you see winning are actually paid actors. Nobody ever actually wins. Sad but true!


You are absolutely right!!


Yes I'm been entering for years too people that id's really in need u don't see or hear anything about, but still do it because can't do much anymore but I'll try to do good for what u can do, but dreams for good people does come just come on it's time, maybe some day good people that does do good great things will happen to gave back tho people in need that does good, have mange at least Inge more things I can try tho do then not a thing, Good be with the good ones in time, Bless all of God s children's and blues if they are true tho words.


This should have been proofread. Too much.


Wait. What?


I've always been suspicious, mostly because these so called winners are like unicorns. You never see them again, they fade into obscurity after their alleged prize comes to their door.


Seems to me, everyone that wins is a home owner, upper middle class at least. Never is there a video of some single mom in an apartment complex winning a million bucks.

Now if the drawings are completely random as so they claim, wouldn't the prize normally go to the majority? Which is of course THE POOR!


I completely agree. You have to own a house to get a visit from the pride patrol.

It's a complete joke. I am out.


Idk why ppls *** about not winning. If its tht bad get a *** job for real. Thts being greedy af waiting around for money to be handed to u.


They never ask u to buy anything from them. If so it aint the real pch. Js


haha, I won a thousand bucks from them. Your all just mad because you lose all the time. :grin

@Actual Winner

Nice Good For You...,


I cannot believe the time that is taken from us with PCH! They are full of ish and I just hate not winning at least $5!!

Nothing!!! I need some information on how to report them as a whole because they are still being allowed to do this!!

Let's form an alliance against these low lives!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


its better to just spend a dollar or two for a real lottery


Never purchased anything before, this time, I found something useful. I was very disappointed in the quality of the China made piece of junk, and they had the nerve to charge an equal amount for shipping and handling, which should have cost all together a max of $3.00 Never again, requested to be taken off mailing list and I will NEVER purchase from them again. BEWARE!