Chicago, Illinois

This is *** me off.....I started a new game of instant bingo this Tuesday and been playing every day just fine....AND I KNOW the bonus letters don't expire till Saturday every week.....I log in today (Friday) and it's telling me I DIDNT SUBMIT A LAST CHANCE CARD LAST NIGHT???? The *** I didn't!!!!! Yea and all my letters are gone when I was 3 away from getting all the Jackpot letters.....This is a total waste of time.....and I bet even if I did get all the letters I'd never see my winnings cuz I bet you guys would say there was an error with the browser or come up with some bs.

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Bonus J-A-C-K-P-O-T letters is *** ... you discovered that, too!!!!! :(


I'm glad that I'm not the only one playing PCH Games and having problems with them. Just reading all this story makes you wonder is PCH a scam?

I notice they also like to fill your e-mail with junk mail and you have to search to win?

It's all about selling things in my eyes. Thanks friends for the information.