I just went to the "official" website to submit an entry for the pch sweepstakes - and was nearly finished filling out the form - and got to my birthday. Filled in the month and date fine but then got to the year and could not even get the *** dropbox to work so could not submit my year of birth - which - btw - why do they have to know that?

They tell you you can enter online and then have a website that doesn't even allow you to enter the information in its entirety - really?????

Still go back to why do they have to have the YEAR of my birth to begin with - I mean some sites have a place for you to check that just says you're 18 or older and why can't they just do that? But if you're going to have a website and tell people to enter online - the site should work properly don't cha think?

Review about: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

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Patricia Goodrich: Entering my code.SP444


***First World Problems***

Dont make it ruin your holidays lmao


I'm hopping for December 22 if not .just to bolive strange people you got no luck now or in the future My hope is to make my son's future lot brighter .thank you


I have try some many times to get my prize number and they have ignored me What kind of place are y'all running down there when you can't get a straight answer From these jerks are they running scams on innocent people.


I try to submit my entry form but they keep telling me invalid ID Publishers clearing House told me they have my number but I don't understand why they won't give to me


I have been for days trying to enter and can not . I play their games and win ......then they give me scratch offs for 250 .000 and so on .....and they are all not winners ...

who won 5000.00 a week for life or 7000. week for life whats up ....

pch are you a fraud or what ....


Hoping for a pch blessing of any kind, financially. Every penny counts.


I have had great experiences entering all of the PCH entry forms. Easy to use too!

I enter them all on a daily basis.

Just download the PCH application online at your app store. Its free and you have chances to enter all of the different contests and also play games to win cash prizes daily.

Harlingen, Texas, United States #938874

Me to they tell you to enter but you can't find the entry form. I will give them my Birthday if i could. *** i am 73 years old they would not have to pay me very long.

Aspermont, Texas, United States #718236

Every time I try to enter a pop up stops me so I haven't entered for 2 days....this is very sad to me. How do I stop the pop ups?

Peru, Maine, United States #679849

how do u enter to see if u won?


pch entry 2998


:p A


I would like to kn how do i change my email on my entry. My Yahoo email stopped working.

So i had to make another email.

And that is phyllisluna@yahoo.com. Can you change it for me or tell me how to change it.thank you

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