Voorhees, New Jersey

I was sent an email saying PCH says I won a million dollars and the prize protol would be coming by my house to give me the money I was giving a phone number to call now I can't get no answere from them and they haven't call me back also when I ask for this Mr Frye he starts acting *** and hangs up on me I will give you his phone number and address when I email you in a few minutes hope you can get this settle for me one way or another need to know if this was a scam

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My sister got the same letter. She was able to get through when she called and all they told her was to watch the NBC nightly news and the winner would be announced. She watched the news and she didn't win. They tell you that just to get you all excited and to keep you involved with PCH. They think if you are that close to winning this time you will continue to order and follow them through the next contest.

There are scams our their but this sounds just like the one my sister received and it was from PCH>


Hey PCH Never tells you that you win, they just show up at your door and surprised you.

Ericka Harold

Ashley no ones' an *** trying to win this money. Sometimes that's what makes the difference in treating diseases.

Many medical people-HMOS or even hospitals won't even try to help a person if they can't afford it. People are not being greedy or selfish for wanting a better life.

@Ericka Harold

Well said Erika


yea you idiots pray for money, while some chdrlien in the world truly deserve more than just prayers, for incurable diseases God can grant your greedy, selfish little prayers, while He lets some kid die of a *** brain tumor


You did not win. They said "MR SO in SO', you've won $1 million dollars and the PRIZE patrol will deliver the check and balloons and champagne etc etc.... "if" your name is chosen from millions of other names blah blah blah.

The keyword being "IF".

Your chances of winning are about 1/120,000,000.

READ the FINE PRINT. :sigh