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I just received this notice today 2/21/2018, the opportunity expired at MIDNIGHT ON FEBRUARY 20th!! Why bother sending it???

I have ordered from you on numerous occasions and have sent in every mailing you have sent to me. I do not understand why this final chance was mailed out so late. It cost me my chance to win the $5000.00 a week forever prize! This was from the office of the Sr.

Vice President. The activation code {{REDACTED}} was what I was trying to enter in case you are interested. I am very disappointed with the way you have mishandled the mailings!! Very upset.

Dorothy F Miller 12518 B Street Omaha, Ne. 68144

Reason of review: expired mailing.

I didn't like: Ability to enter to win.

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I can't get to the 4th part where I put in my Final Claim number. It keeps saying page not responding.

to Carlene Flaherty #1631289

No one can so it helps no one on line its upsetting


Enter to win Forever prize February 28th 2019 get 11000 Morgan hill i claim and want to win it all activate final step to ein


I am looking for the activation code to put mine


STOP SENDING ME THIS CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR A SCAM JOB


i am pissed-- the code expired October 23, 2018 and i did not receive it in the mail until October 24th. how convenient for you to select the winner YOU WANT.


I have tried to enter final code but I get bs links tenter my code sp742 I will keep trying


Same thing happen to me , seems the quality of their website/contest is right on par with the quality of their products.


I want to activate my code I recieved Oct 20 2018 my code SP742 gaski


It's pretty interesting how many people fall for the scams. Wow.


I put in pch.com/code and instructions are not clear enough to continue one to get code. Not to smart on your part

to Anonymous #1559627

The same thing happened to me, very disappointing.


I have tried to send you my activation code to www.pch.com/FINAL but I couldn't get it to go trough. My activation code is SP695. Thank you


i will never buy any thing from the again. i have bough lots of thrire crap before i it didnt let me enter either. i think its a big bunch of bull.


The people that is getting any money is PCH from the innocent people who purchase items from PCH.


Same here. They want you to enter an activation code, which I assume is tied to your name, but instead you are asked to provide all of this information.


I have the same activation as someone just below. SP696.

to BJS #1549460

My code number is SP694!


I went to: www.pch.com/FINAL to activate my code and it does not work. The deadline is Midnight August 28th, 2018.

It is now August 25, 2018. I am not able to use my final chance either. What is going on?

I tried using Firefox and Internet Explorer and neither one worked. Very disappointed.


ME TOO SCAMMED SP696, bummer

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