Beaverton, Oregon

every time the "game" reaches the final "card" it immediately goes to the "thank you for playing today..." screen and then to their obvious default screen for "search".

another complaint about this company's games is that they all have similar gliches in a game functioning or reaching a good conclusion of what is claimed to be the "game"!

coupled with the constant advertising intervals, a player wastes more time than the game is worth playing ...

unless, of course, there were actual at least occasional "wins" as described in the introduction to the game. then it might be worth a little "wasted time" ... just for the entertainment value.

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Every time I get to the last card on the Black Jack game it won't take the click to give me enter points. Then it will not go on to the bingo game, both keep malfunctioning, this is very irriating as you never get to do the whole games, for Black Jack & Bingo!!!

And I haven't gotten a O forever either!!!!

Don't think you can win on these games!!!! :sigh


what the heck is a bingo view controller plugin :x


when they say u have won a gift card to buy one item that's it then it continue on to 2 or more people don't al have money to purchase item they say you don't have to buy anything yet and still if you don't you willnot get that card ha;

ha; :upset :cry :?


I don't believe anyone's ever won the "JACKPOT" in Bingo because there's no "O" in the ***. If they had Jackpot winners, those winner would be shown mote than those getting the $10-$50 gift cards. Total waste of time.


I play bingo every day and every week I get all the letters in jackpot but the o. I can't believe that I never get the o.

you would think that I would get an o sometime and not one of the other letters. every week I end up with JACKP_T.

i DON'T THINK THERE EVEN AN O IN THE GAME. I been playing and entering pch games and sweepstakes since 2009.


i have never goten an o .it seems they ony put it out when they want someone to win??????????????


When I get to last card the past two days an error message pops up and you can't finish. I tried, as someone suggested to copy address and insert in a new window, however that doesn't work!

Who do u contact? :(


I play bingo every night, it always works for me. If it ever freezes, I copy the adress bar.

open a new window, then paste it, and it picks up from where it left off. when it freezes on the intro the whole 3..2..1.. thing i just wait. It starts working again.

If there werent ads it wouldn't be free.

I actually won $50 dollars on bingo, my name was even on the scrolly thing. 8)


I have tried to play today's (3-2-13) PCH Bingo but keep getting an error message to try again another time. Who do I contact at PCH to have them fix the problem? :(


I only got to play one card. Got there through a link in an email from them.

As soon as one card had a bingo it would send me back to the e-mail. Played on my android device.


The bingo game sticks on every game. You have to wait a long time for it to load.

The game is fun when working , but lately the game will not work everyday. What a waste of time.