Moline, Illinois

Why does PCH say anyone wins. Does anyone really know a winner and if so would really like to hear from them.

Older people think they are going to win and are given false hope. Why does a compnay feed on innocent people.

OH YEAH ADVERTISING!!! They keep putting on the web and then give another winner date. FRAUD How can they get by with that.

They could save so much money in their compnay if they would quit sending mail and other noticies stating you may win, as I stated older people read things the wrong way and get thier hopes up. with the economy the way it is that _____(Wont say that word) thank you

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i agree with everyone here. I have been entering pch for over 20 years, my mom for over 30 years and both of us are still waiting to win.

i have entered it faithfully every day and yet no one in my area has ever won. It's a joke and a scam!


im not even old im young and disablied.and every time i see an emial from them saying dear Inportant document inside.You open it up and its anouther entry for the same sweepstakes number you already entered for .Every time you watch the tv commercial of a winner its always someones door they knock on to present there money of a huge house as if gess someone in a huge luxuray home needs more money.I agee with George .If there so willing to hand out money ,why not make more winners of a lower amount . Help the little broke people out more then offering huge amount to a guy already wealthy.yes i have met a real winner once he was a frickin millionair and just what he needed more millions.I gotta tell ya i think its a scam myself.If they really cared about making dreams come true they would increese the number of people who could win each sweepstake drawing.

heck i be happy no extreamly thankful to win 500 . to help me pay to keep heat on this winter


I'm 72 years old and have bee participating in PCH contests since 1974 and haven't even come close to winning, all the while buying their magazines and products. I agree with this guy.

This is a scam.

I believe that the people who do win are carefully selected and it really isn't "The luck of the draw!"

What ticks me off is that this so-called contest just like lotteries only has one "BIG" winner. I would rather enter a contest where there are a hundred one hundred thousand dollar winners than only a single ten million dollar winners.

PCH is a deceptive joke!