Florence, Alabama

I tried to pay on line for (14.00)103569933700 order #. Not sure it took.

But when I printed my acct. page it shows 22.95 open too. The totals shows 36.95 (order #) 304734634777. The summary shows one return.

I returned two things unopened. It the second one was the 304............ order number above. I need to know what happened?

Thanks. H.C. Gibson; 550 Malone Circle; Florence, AL 35630; 256-766-0777. I am not mad at you, just want to know.

This is my first time on your site. Hope all I right.

9-19-14. H C Gibson.

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I need information where my ordens


Where do you place your activation code SP598??????Id# 01649693478??????????


Pch sends 99cent items charging my mom $11.95 plus $5.95 s&h. She pays for *** because she's old and it looks like a bill to her.

They took her for $300 per month till I stopped. More than a year. Not illegal but scam towards our seniors. They should be ashamed!

They send "free" gifts worth 19cent and bill $5.95 s&h. My mom keeps ordering thinking it helps her win. Then they sign her up for monthly deliveries.

I took over my moms finance just to end Pch pseudoscamming! shame on you praying on trusting seniors!