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I play online sweepstakes everyday and i never know what to expect today when playing each game i get i get this video can't be played error code 102630.....i play many games a day and this rate it will take a long time to play what i do.......another question i play everyday and iam wondering how anyone can get 300,+thousand when i am lucky to get 190,000 thank you for your time Gary Leet...i also beleive that some way PCH controls the points or if there happens to be a winner example not long ago i was going thru a period i couldn't play all the games i got upset called PCH and talked to a game tech he told me i need to clean cookies i didn't do it but a funny thing happened 2 days later all the games worked fine and are still work fine.....I love playing PCH but i don't have all day doing it thank you Gary Leet

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I think that those people who get the high tokens for the day are spending many, many hours doing nothing but playing pch games. you know, it gets really boring after a while and I don't think that I could ever stand to be doing nothing but playing PCH for every waking hour of the day.

They must only leave the computer to go to the bathroom or something and only get a few hours a sleep. Talk about needing to 'Get A Life"