My name is Lauren Etter , i was with publish clearing house for awhile.i cant affored to buy anything im a single mother and supporting 3 wonderful little boys, its a small chance of my dreams comeing true to win which i would hate to give up but i feel like im kindda wasteing my time.i hope someone will win that's poor like me and help pepole in the same place that i am.

thier is pepole who really needs the money, and i pray that would happen. yes it would be a dream for me and my boys to have that kind of money in our lifes, but its a dream. im just asking if you could stop e-mailing me, that would be wonderful. good luck to everyone out thier.

thank you so much for takeing your time to read what i wrote.Lauren Etter....

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First I think "Cebra" should ease up on the comment about spelling. For all you know english could be their second language and may not be able to write as well as they may speak the english language.

The only real complaint I have about Publishers Clearing House is that although they are nice enough to have sweepstakes that you can enter for free they now force your e-mail to stay on the pages of "Offers" they want you to look at and you cannot delete that information. I always delete my information and uncheck any boxes where it says that I would like information sent to me. The problem I have with the forced e-mail on the page even though I'm pressing the "Skip" button is that just because you click the skip button information can still be sent to a mailing list database. I know I've received spam or at least e-mails from some of these companies which I have skipped. Now that they've forced your e-mail to stay on the page which you are not able to delete as you can your name address and so on I see no reason they should have your e-mail on the page without "You" being able to delete the information. There really is no reason to force that information on their except to collect the e-mail addresses for later use.

PCH is not the only company that does that I'm sure. Many companies say or at least give you the option at the bottom of their e-mails asking if you want to unsubscribe hit a link which is usually at the bottom of the e-mail. Most of the time...

As for trying to win the sweepstakes I do believe they are legitimate but seriously look into the odds of winning a big prize. Just because you've been entering their sweepstakes for 30 to 40 years and have never won doesn't mean they aren't legit. You have a better chance at hitting Powerball or Mega Millions. But, what makes playing PCH's sweepstakes is that it is free. I sincerely wish they would stop forcing my e-mail address to stay on the pages of the sponsor's they want us to at least look at. If I don't want my information on their I should have the right to wipe it out. Then again it is very easy just to have a cookie built into the pages which secretly take your information and forward it to the sponsor's or their own database.

Well, that's my 2 cents. Just thought I'd pass on some information to those who may not be thinking that way. Good luck to all of you.

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Please learn how to spell.


While it's arguable whether or not you should be "dreaming" about having a large amount of money, the e-mail likely has an unsubscribe link at the bottom of it.

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