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Publisher's Clearinghouse is sending me these big envelopes with promises of winnings that are absolutely ridiculous. These envelopes contain 32 pieces of paper advertisements, stamps and offers.

The WASTE of paper is criminal and I am not sure where this company gets the notion that they are exempt from participating in the attempt to go green while every other company out there is trying to cut down on paper-waste. I am no "tree huger' but any decent human being should be enraged by the blatant disregard of basic common sense.I have requested to no prevail, in writing and per phone, to STOP THESE MAILINGS. I do not have the time, nor the interest, to go through all the pity offers and ridiculous advertisements that this company is making, so the envelope is marching directly into the garbage. Imagine this process with millions of "consumers" and picture the useless waste of paper, trees and time.

They need to be stopped!!!

My time is money and they are wasting it. I live on this earth and I am using our natural resources, they are wasting it.

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Auburndale, Wisconsin, United States #596364

All that paper keeps people employed at the paper mills here in WI.! It also keeps the people at the post officed employed!

Let me guess, your the type who buys a house on the highway and then complains about the noise and traffic!

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