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I am a disabled Firefighter/Paramedic who was injured in the line of duty. This means I'm home every/all day.

I have played PCH's games and token games for over 2 years now and have NEVER won anything even after purchasing stuff from them. I don't believe the games are legit and suggest everyone boycott them. It's literally a no win situation.

I don't believe that there are ANY winners but I can't prove it, but after two years plus without winning so much as a dime I am now convinced the entire system is a scam. We even fill out all the things they send you in the mail and no different.

Scott Hauf

Reason of review: game is a scam, no wins after two years plus.

Preferred solution: make winning an actual possibility.

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Win it all


There all right.


I’ve been entering these sweepstakes for over 20 years and have NEVER won anything! NOTHING!

The stuff they sell is over priced junk, that you can buy at any discount store.

I’m fed up. Goodbye PCH!


Same here


I also agree that PCH is a scam because i have been sending in every entry that they have sent me for 3yrs and never won anything. i have ordered alot of items from them but find their prices are too high.i can buy the same items at a store for a lower price.cant even activate my activation code sp510.


No purchase necessary, buying wont give you a better chance of winning


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Almost everyone never wins. Same as the powerball, but with PCH the odds of winning are even lower.With all the time you have I would have thought you'd read on the paperwork where it says that buying stuff does not increase your chances of winning, so save your $ unless you want the stuff.

There are approx. 320 million people in the country. Only one person wins the big prize in each sweepstakes. Odds are, even if they all entered religiously for their entire lives, nobody you have ever met will ever win.

Ever.And somehow you are angry and certain it is a scam because after 2 years you haven't won yet. ??????? It's almost as if you expected to win. I thank you for your service as a firefighter, but for the life of me I can't begin to imagine why you would have thought you should have won by now.

Or that you would ever win. ????

It's not about you, it's about the odds. When you enter things like this, you should enter for fun.


If you lived for one thousand more years and played the pch games and entered the pch sweepstakes for 5 hours every day, for one thousand years, the overwhelming odds are that all you would ever win is $10 every few years. Hardly worth wasting your time on.


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