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I am a disabled Firefighter/Paramedic who was injured in the line of duty. This means I'm home every/all day.

I have played PCH's games and token games for over 2 years now and have NEVER won anything even after purchasing stuff from them. I don't believe the games are legit and suggest everyone boycott them. It's literally a no win situation.

I don't believe that there are ANY winners but I can't prove it, but after two years plus without winning so much as a dime I am now convinced the entire system is a scam. We even fill out all the things they send you in the mail and no different.

Scott Hauf

Reason of review: game is a scam, no wins after two years plus.

Preferred solution: make winning an actual possibility.

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I've been entering and playing games on pch for around 10 yrs and my parents entered and bought things for 20 yrs or more. None of us have ever won a dime. But, I guess I'll keep on trying...just in case.


50 years of playing ..never won a dime


I am A. Vanison and all I want to do is activate my code please its sp695.

I will not bad mouth pch because I'm their next winner. Thank you for my blessing.


VALY CABELLON ACTIVATION CODE GOT TODAY IS SP694 email is valeria.cabellon@yahoo.com


Daniel Morales. moralesdsm@hotmail.com. My activation code is sp697


My activation Code SP694 this seems to be the only way to activate it. I have been sending these sweepstakes in for 15 years.

Actually I won $10 dollars but it does not even pay for all the postage stamps I have used for this.

I have purchased a lot of items and always receive more sweepstakes with letters wanting me to buy more. I find that very irritating because I am disabled and do not have a lot of money.


Activation Code: SP700

to Elizabeth Jones #1546221

That's my Activation code too. : SP 700 So what do we do when there's two people have the same number CODE.

This is all *** up. I've been a pch player now for 23 yrs and the only thing I've won is $10 that does not pay for all the stamps I've bought through the years.

I guess I'm just going to have to Stop all this entering it's a waste of time. I know I've talked to other people about entering PCH and they said they have never known anyone winning any thing so maybe this is all a scam to make them Richer but no one else they're probably laughing at all of us that enter.


My cold came in the mail I hope it helped me become Publishing Clearing House winner my number is sp444


My husband and our both disabled, we have played your games, and purchased items from you that we shouldn't .We are on a set income and for years hoping to win.I agree with others that it just a scam. I'm a very disgusted with you, giving hope to people that our in need.


Please activate my code SP599ID# 0878136116


Sylvia Hickey: Hi my activation code is SP596. I got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I win. Thank you for the opportunity


my activation code sp597 thank you hope to win


thank you, my activation code issp597 i hope to see you soon. tom


I have been playing,searching,and even take phone to bathroom.I have been trying for almost 5 years.Once received a final pak,sent it back and still waiting,sap?I have not lost the faith.But please,make me a believer?Pch kicks butt!Make me rich!.


I agree. I can’t even login.

Pch sucks. Fake sweepstakes!!

to Anonymous #1497406

Win it all


I’ve been entering these sweepstakes for over 20 years and have NEVER won anything! NOTHING!

The stuff they sell is over priced junk, that you can buy at any discount store.

I’m fed up. Goodbye PCH!


I also agree that PCH is a scam because i have been sending in every entry that they have sent me for 3yrs and never won anything. i have ordered alot of items from them but find their prices are too high.i can buy the same items at a store for a lower price.cant even activate my activation code sp510.


Type your message here Drayton l ACTIVATION CODE SP500.

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