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i need my final step i done all i tryed to get on winners selection list for a long time pch thats all i have lift to win publisher clearing house i m trying to get my number 690g on and name emily gee on the winners winnings selection list lhave claimed iaccept prize i accept super i accept dopeti claim ownership i accept ownership i claim 5.000aweek for life sweepstakes i accept claim ownership for gwy prizefor pch 5.000aweek for life winning number +publisher clearing house giveawy number i have done ever thing to win prize that pch has ask me to do and stell telling me to dopet my no.6900and winning no.8800 i have claims super +prize i just claim +dopet accept all its ben long iv claim 2.6.million +5.000aweek forever life plus super 2/23/18 this date is all my sweepstakes for win thank you emily gee 6900

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