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My Mom recently passed away. When I was clearing out her home I found a plethora of junk, all ordered from PCH.

I found her statements and bills, years and years of them, in her financial papers and after careful examination I found she was spending hundreds at PCH. She believed that if she ordered something then she would have a chance to win the big prize, MONEY!

There were 30 sets of skin care products, all on auto ship.

This company is predatory and is being investigated. Heartbreaking for me to think of my sweet Mom falling prey to the hope of winning money.

Reason of review: There is no end to the heartbreak.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: False claims of winning, Too many confusing games and no help.

  • dishonest
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Sadly, my mother was the same way. She ordered lots and lots of crap from PCH, ,most of it was very poorly made junk.

She had many magazine subcriptions also.

Over the years she also spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I would be pleased if I ever find out that they are going out of business, because then I'll know that they won't be doing this anymore.


I've just discovered a $500 bill from PCH for my Mother in Law who just had a stroke. Visited their website - no way to actually cancel any of the auto-ship *** or manage your preferences.

Easy payment options for $30 Christmas socks though! This company is vile.