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Not being familiar with your organization as far as merchandise is concerned, I have ordered items from your mailings since before august of 2019. Most of the merchandise is not very good quality but some of items were unusable and I was told not to send them back as they would send a replacement.

I did not want replacements. I had received a replacement for the Car Vac which I paid for and the replacement still did not work properly. The cover blows off as soon as it is plugged in.

Back in Sept I wrote about the Blue Topaz Heart and the Jewelry Care Kit $42.39. that the Topaz Heart caused a serious rash and that the Jewelry Care kit is nothing but water and does not clean at all.

Yet I am being billed for it again and again

Also wrote about the following and spoke to reps on phone

The Cooking magnets were welded together.

being billed for it again and again

Bowl covers most were already ripped and are so flimsy just stretching them over a bowl rips them.

being billed again

Slicer Grater is jammed in one position and does not work at all

Garment bags - several of the zipper hooks were off and at the bottom of the pkg.

the other zippers do not work and there is a wide gap at the top of the bags.

being billed again

Lettuce chopper is a useless piece of plastic at 24.44

being billed again - complained about that over phone and told

not to send it back - I refused replacement

I am willing to pay for

The Grill Pan

The Floral Nightgown (I had to throw it away after washing it)

and the body brush that I thought I had already paid for but told

it had been applied to the Red Wallet and the Oven Seam Protector but from your last communication I am again being charged for.those as well.

I need to resolve this as soon as possible. It has dragged on long enough. I was told to send everything back to your office in Philadelphia. Why now, this would be very costly.

Why not when I first complained back in 2019.

Please adjust my bill and I will pay what is due.

Thank you

Louise K. Pomeroy


Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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I have had the same experiences. Looks like yard sale quality and get the run around when customer service finally answers their phone


Why did you keep buying stuff if you saw it was all junk from the beginning?


Probably because they are as dense as a biscuit from Popeye's.


Thank you for sharing your experience about the very poor quality crap merchandise that you ordered from Publishers Clearing House. Hopefully your story will prevent someone who is unfamiliar with PCH from becoming bamboozled by this dishonest and unscrupulous company. It will be a great day for America when this company finally goes out of business.

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