Costa Mesa, California

I have ordered many times - now I get letter stating I have not paid! I got a nasty note dtd.

4/1 from your controller! I have answered all notes

from PCH - sending all info from 1-10! Some of it from my bank records! I have contacted my bank - BofA - for a response [my funds to pay you are from that bank/chk.

acct!!] I don't know what else I can do! I don't want to stop ordering from you OR send you additional money to pay for something that I have already pd! Please check my record anyway you need to, but don't blame me for a problem in your acct.

dept.!! My e-mail is:

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Mr. Collins, please let me win a PCH Prize Patrol visit in person with a SuperPrize so that way, I could be announced on NBC as a SuperPrize winner with intellectual and developmental disabilities for the first time ever in PCH Prize Patrol history starting tomorrow on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 as soon as possible. Thank you.


My name is michael stephens i have wone the prize 8800


I would like to claim My authorization for delivery of gwy number 13000 from PCH CONTROLLER Michale Collins on Feb 28th 2019


Well thank you for making my point ...the one thing wrong is people can't dream ,have hope,faith ,.... with some as. Outing there snout where it dos not belong as fare as I know way u mad don't hate look me up on face book William breedlove fultz and look my rocks Niger then yours but who give a dang can't have fun with out 2 cent because o my win win see look at the rocks that's 100,000 buts from a jet heater boss what's that can't hear to good boss


Mr. Micheal Collins, please do me a favor and enter my alternate activation code for my final step: SP440 immediately!


Michael Collins authorization of controller in the accounting dept. PChH gwy.

no. 11000, 18000, 8030 6.29.18


Please let the prize patrol give me all of those notes in person on Monday, April 16th, 2018 immediately! Thanks.


Dear Michael Collins,Just let you know about the complete transfer for the gold prize seals I actually accepted any of your offering to surprise me on April 27th if I win.Sincerely,Donna Vorhies


Well, actually, it's Monday, April 16th, 2018 that's when the prize patrol would surprise me in person for the first time ever.


I just had the worst experience of my life with this PCH. This to me is a scam & the FBI should investigate how they can run a scam on people


Mr Collins the spelling of my last name is Donovan. Not they way it was put in the mail & sent to me .

Please correct it on your records.

I have been doing this for 37 years & not only since November 2017. Mr J Kearney Donovan


I have give up on winning. Get these but just to be let down. Done this 5 years or longer and it is a wadte of time.


Scott, are you waiting with bated breath (if you know what that means) for the December 23 announcement that you have won a million dollars in the Publishers Clearing House "special early look?" I am sure you have noticed that they won't be awarding the "mega prize" or "forever prize" or whatever they call it this time, either. Are you ever going to get it through your thick skull that you are never going to win this, because it is a scam from beginning to end?


Happy thursday .

I wish wish you a good recover and i'm sur that i will see soo

Together we win



Hay Mr Collins this is Scott Raines a pch vip fan. And Mr Collins the reason I'm leaving you a message is to ask for your help if there anyway possible you see Michael I had my heart set on finally winning the forever prize so that I could keep my family frombecoming homeless in April.

But Mr Collins I didn't win once again I was let down and I was going to call you today and ask if there was anyway you could donate the money to me so my family can have a home of are own.and I know pch already donates a lot of money. And I understand you probably can't but is there anyway you can help this vip keep a roof over my family's head or is there anyway to help me finally win for my family without cheating. Because Mr Collins I'm not a cheater and I never will be. But I just don't know what else to do.

So that's why I'm asking for help for my family.

If it was just myself Mr Collins I wouldn't even ask but it's not and my family has to survive on a disability income every month of $ 1,300 hundred dollars and that doesn't even cover all are bill's. So please help if you can Mr Collins I would be forever grateful


My god, Scott, but you are pathetic--and totally nuts, too! Do you really think that Publishers Clearing House gives a rat's you-know-what about your situation? And if you really think they are going to "donate" anything to you, you are even crazier than I think you are!


Scott, is "Scott Raines" your real name or just what you're calling yourself now? I read some blogs on another site from somebody calling himself "William Roberts" and he sounded exactly like you in your many, many whining blogs to Publishers Clearing House--always the same, that you are a "vip" (actually, you are no more a 'vip' than anyone else to PCH), you live in a trailer in North Carolina that badly needs repairs (go out and get some cheap particle board and plastic sheeting to fix up your dump before winter comes), you have a retard daughter and you would like to take her and her mother to Disney World, that you are on disability (the only "disability" you have is in your brain if you really believe asking PCH for help is going to get you anywhere), that you want to buy your "dream truck" when you win PCH's "win it all" prize (you won't).

Publishers Clearing House is not going to help you, "Scott" or "William" or whatever you call yourself.

Your moaning and groaning is really getting old, and nothing is going to change even if you do "love everybody at Publishers Clearing House!" Money to Publishers Clearing House only goes one way-TO them, not to YOU. Get a life!




I still think it's exciting to go through the riggermaroe and get lots of letters and I like the PCH women that's on my computer, is she going to deliver my money with Mike!


WTF? Why make this Letter Public?

It makes Zero Sense to anyone else. :upset