Providence, Rhode Island

Have been unable to play search and win because after several months my password doesn't work. When they send me other passwords, they don't work and they won't let me enter my email (which I use for everything else) as it says it belongs to someone else!

I have sent complaint emails.

Also, I cannot find info on winners of the bingo game, with exception of a few $20. ones. No listing of jackpot winners.

Jackpot was up to about $2500. and then reverted to minimum, showing someone won. Also, has anyone ever won the $50., $100., $250.


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I just went through this 4 times this morning. THEY ARE A RIP OFF1 They sure don't practice what they preach.

I am sick of my mailbox beign full of their useless JUNK, then we have to use OUR stamps to return their mess. Also, email box filled with the same junk, then when they reset your password, it doesn't work.

Can we say "RIGGED"!!! :(


I asked them about that myself. The pot was up to almost 3k and when it reset, I emailed them and asked why I cannot see who won.They told me it was split 4 ways and had to wait for affidavits to come back before they can list the winners. That was 6-7 mos ago and I have emailed many times since then to no avail.