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I thought when buying products ur on time paments witch go twords a credit report well mine is nuthing but shud B *** perferct at least it shud b yet i got a bill from them stating i owe 4 products i kept that they never sent and i kno 4 a fact cause after i sent them a nasty *** lettr statting all the above and then sum so why on the 3rd they sent me 15 boxz why n there eyes i stillowed them not there more fake than i choose 2 b

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Game.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I understand why u are upset they told me i won 850,000.00 with my email playing the slots online and my information was leaked im pissed im like who are these people and where my money i contact them and theyre really rude im ready to sue now


I got same emails and after contacting PCH asking about my winnings could only get a response by email 5days later telling me its a scam.LET THE FEDERAL TRADES COMMISSION Have them.Been amazed how they have time to mail us all this crap email&postal yet they cant return scam issues!Echo Alpha Delta PCH