Sunburst, Montana

I paid way to much for two extending car window washing wands. The first time I used it the plastic

shaft ofthe wand snapped in to. it wasn't worth the price I paid for them and not worth it to return it for

a refund. Other items I ordered were way over priced and mostly poor quality but I was hoping this time

they might actually be worth buying. My latest order was delayed and I was sent a supposedly free? gift

that I was charged a shipping fee for. I returned the item immediately and cancelled the order.

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Agreed. I have had a similar experience.

Two different pet toys ordered broke during first use.

Also, nany of the products are actually available in dollar and other discount stores. Would never recommend ordering anything from pch.


I have to ask, am I the ONLY one who noticed the horrid grammar and spelling in this comment... you should know better than to buy things from a CONTEST website that scams people. :x