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Games did not play. It started on 4/4/19.

I contacted them and spoke to Raquel the tech who took my call. I explained that 7 games of Danielle Surprise Tokens did not play. These games each have a reward going as high as 50,000 tokens. I expected to be rewarded a fair amount of these tokens since each time I tried to play the games I received a dropdown message of "We are experiencing technical difficulties" I am not an English major but that would seem to me to mean the problem is at their end(the WE belonging to PCH).

No callback took place although I was told by Raquel that in 24 to 48 hours it would be done. I called again on 4/8/19 at 9:15 and got Carmen. We went back and forth and she said she would give me 100,000.00 tokens for the 7 games(out of a possible 350,000.00) I then asked to speak to her supervisor and was given Mellissa after a wait where they must have talked it over. Mellissa immediately started out that because I asked for a Supervisor I forfeited the 100,000.00 tokens originally offered.

She also went on to say I have to furnish a Snap-Shot of the situation at the time, even though I gave a complete description of what happened. She also went on to parrot that since I called other times in the past (having played over 4 years that would be quite possible since PCH seems to have a lot of technical problems and always on the games the can pay a lot of tokens). I told her I dont know how to do a screenshot but only received more parroting from Mellissa. I resent it being implied by Mellissa that I was scaming to get tokens I did not deserve.

She would not examine my history which I guess she or someone there could do. As another example of PCH arbitrary rules is that I used to play the games when in Europe 2014, 2015 and into 2016. Then all of a sudden when I tried to go in after that a page would pop up saying in quixotic way that I could not go in. When I calld PCH they said "we always had a rule about not playing offshore" Then how was I able to play all those other times.

Go PCH befuddle constantly Did anyone ever see a list of all the "drawings" that we play for everyday? Funny I wonder if they exist? The biggest thing about all this is that people like Mellissa think that tokens are money and will not part with them at any cost. People play these games to have fun and get tokens.

They are not there to endlessly look at all the products shown to us to get us to buy. Maybe Raquel, Carmen and Mellissa should go to Customer Service school and learn about the games they are supposed to help us with.

Most I talked to at PCH dont even know what games Im talking about I have to walk them through it to service? I hope this will help someone else that has to deal with PCH when having a problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Game.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Publishers Clearing House Cons: Less than par customer service.

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Mellissa could have given you one hundred BILLION tokens worry free because even if you had put them all down on the least popular prize you never would have won anything. It's all just a scam!

Been There/Done That.

OVER 190,000,000 TOKENS (ONE HUNDRED NINETY MILLION TOKENS) and never have won anything playing them. A waste of time.