Burnsville, North Carolina

here is a reason I am mad..i was palying the pch spin wheel.ok so i won it landed on the pick your own prize.so i choose the wal-mart 500.00 gift card..we need food..and we dont quilify for food stamps and we are on a fixed icome.so i done all the steps took me to another page.to make a long story short. i could not get the gift card because i could not afford to order magizines and cd's and other *** they wanted me to order..nothing is for free!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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It says this is world wide so maybe they should announce other winners in other countries? We in America only see winners in our 50 states: although it seems winners are back east, I'm in Oregon. I've yet to see anyone from the west coast on commercials.


First of all, PCH has to be real in order for anyone to win anything.


Are you people even real?? Of course PCH gives away millions of dollars.

Because YOU don't win, or know anyone who actually wins, you think NO ONE wins? God, are you people really that ***? Read the odds, and I suggest you don't ever enter any sweepstakes or play any lotteries because the odds are stacked way against you. You won't win those either, but someone will.

Guaranteed. Go back to you *** reality shows now.

@Joyful ***

Joyful ***....you need to wake up and take a long sniff at what you posted....Someone wins??Yeah ok!!!Someone who they have made up to make everyone buy into this bullcrap!!...Now, if someone has won for REAL...then , why did they get sued not once but twice with the last being for MILLIONS of dollars..YEah someone won alright...All of those states that got a SETTLEMENT...lmfao!!!!



@Joyful ***

oh my you are pissy. You must have lost at pch.com, too! How dare you swear and mention God in same sentence-weirdo.

@Joyful ***

pissedconsumer -where are my comments???? Can I complain about you? lol


I have to stop playing pchlotto cus everytime I get on it, my computer freezes up. And many times I can't get the big comtest cus it takes forever for it to come up, if it ever does.


Every game you play and every commercial you have to watch adds cookies and these are what is slowing your computer down. Set cookies to NO THIRD PARTY. Unfortunately you have to accept the main cookies or pch won't let you play.

About commercials: If they don't satisfy me in some way for watching ALL THOSE MULTITUDE of commercials I am going to have to quit before I go crazy :upset