I diligently went through all the material sent to me by PCH.One piece of material was a bingo game that promised $5,000 if I could complete a row with the numbers on my card.

I did so, mailed in all required material, and never received the $5,000. What I did receive was more and more packages of enticements to buy PCH products. I will not fall into their trap again. I am very displeased with their marketing ploys and think them dishonest.

I even ordered a couple of their products.

They were cheaply made and not worth the price plus shipping that I paid.I am truly pissed!

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I was playing Bingo and got four corners worth I believe $500.I called because it made no acknowledgement.

The lady I got had no knowledge how to play Bingo or it's prizes. After a few minutes on the phone she came back and asked if I took a picture of the game with the four corners being covered. So that's how prizes are won.

Later I was notified that I won $10k. Shortly after that I recieved three notifications that the win was in error.

What's up with PCH?

I don't think you win cash at all, it's a scam.All you get is tokens.


I do understand the Publishers Clearing House ploy to get you bated.I too got fooled for that.

Participated with Publishers Clearing House entries for years. I wrote them a letter and told them to take me off their mailing list I think this is just a ploy to get you to buy products that you basically cannot use and that's how they make their money. I think it should be against the law for them to advertise winnings and never come through on their and.I too had a $100,000 winning Bingo and never seen one red Cent but they kept sending the things for me to buy more products.

Give me a break.I'm done.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1284917

I have this game, called Bingo Lingo.It says complete for a CHANCE to win a $500 PRIZE.

And it also says you can win up to $1000 cash. I have the card here.

I never sent it in as it's just a come on.I supposedly won too.


Ddid you ever get your money


I played the bingo game as well it told me I won & never received a dime. Really!


sometimeswhen you play the games its *** the machine said

technical difficulty when you hit all the jackpot prize they covered it so you wont see what happening but i did see it what happened and i know i got all correct in the first place..i hope this is not a BS games

to Anonymous #1096526

Same thing happened to me... Never won anything this just happened 2 days ago

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1083834

Same here. I play online Bingo Blitz Have has 6+ Bingos and each time told bad call


I won a $1000 and still ain't heard anything about it


I won so how do I get my money

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