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PCH steal many money from all PCH player play the sweepstakes. Because PCH earn all money almost come from people play the sweepstakes, but PCH no set up sweepstakes display function for customers, therefore PCH all customer don't know how many sweepstakes play already, PCH just Seize the opportunity to steal many many PCH customer play the sweepstakes money, this is true. PCH such this way to steal PCH customer play money is big crime, strongly demanding that PCH stop this shameless theft.Because PCH customer have many old and poor people, PCH steal these old and poor people play money, PCH the Top Boss should go to jail.see, below many people so angry to PCH, PCH REALLY NEED CLOSE THE BUSINESS DOOR.

1. PCH is a fraud. After you play your last game of blackjack, they suddenly have technical difficulties and you cannot enter the sweepstakes. They should be shut down.

2. I have received products I didn't order or duplicates of orders I didn't order. I also submitted a review on their blog and they took it down and then they blocked me. I said that they tell everyone that someone in their zip is going to win. Then they show you a map to your house. I said play but don't buy anything. I also said that they are regulated and you can file a complaint. They are dishonest at best and want you to spend all day playing their stupid games for tokens that are worth nothing. They send out so many emails it's impossible to work and play all their stupid games. They should be investigated for fraud.

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Janet of Chesterfield, VA on Sept. 19, 2015

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My husband accidentally paid PCH $1700+ accidentally on 8/12/15. He owed $17.00. He began immediately calling to get the money returned and as yet, that money has not been refunded. One of the excuses is that it was a lot of money and it will take a lot of time to return that much. It has been over a month and there is no excuse for not returning it. He does not owe them anything. The next step will be a letter to the CEO and if the money is not returned immediately, an attorney. Highly suggest no one use this company as they are scammers.

4. For weeks attempting to complete a set of 5 Scratch Cards on one of PCH's Contest, usually the 3rd or 4th Card never shows up to scratch. Upon contacting PCH Technical Issues Dept I was asked if I cleared the cache and cookies for which yes or I wouldn't have been able to play the first of the cards in the contest. After supplying the representative with my email address she then placed me on hold to 'check into the issue.' Needless to say PCH hung up the phone on their end, no not a connection issue. They do not want to address the issue as usual. This organization has numerous complaints regarding their games and practices on the Internet regarding the same issue I am reporting. It appears PCH is not allowing the players of these games to complete them so they cannot win. Does anyone monitor or investigate this organization on a regular basis for fraud?

5. PCH needs to be disbanded or put out of business. This "so called" Sweepstakes is so fake and time consuming that it needs to be stopped. In order to be in a position for a chance to win a sweepstakes, they bombard consumers with various contests where you have to continue to play their "stupid games" and these games are time consuming. You have to play to still be eligible to win. By the time you finish working their emails you may spend a minimum of hours trying to win this money. Then, you have to go through all of the *** involving buying overpriced cheap junk from them. I, personally, have actually given up and I am currently trying to unsubscribe from anything that says PCH. Please, put these people out of business!!!

6. I paid for magazines, but never got them. Just want to know if they are even going to send them. The cost was $10.00. This was in July. Didn't take but a week when they sent me the bill statement.

7. Hit $100.00 on game and they will not pay out. Screen flashed as soon as I won and stated we are having technical difficulties. I call right away and told them. They were suppose to get back with me and still today no callback. So called them, told them the problem, and they made up all kinds of reasons not to pay me what I won. This is a scam! Been doing this for over 35 years and see how they scam people. They need to be shut down, period!

8. Today, after redeeming a total of over 1,100,000.00 "points" at PCH I have tallied up my winning list and have received exactly NOTHING. The whole thing is a SCAM and they should be put out of business. Really, after 1 million, 1 hundred thousand plus points, I have won NADA? Amazing that PCH is allowed to get away with this scam for so long!! How about the Federal Government doing something about this consumer rip-off. Shut them down!!

9. Publishing Clearing House is the worst scam compared to the work from home scams. They say you win money but you don't. All their games are rigged to lose rather than win. The same goes for the sweeps entry for 5,000 a week for life. I know they are violating so many government rules. My question is why aren't they shut down yet?

10. I have went to a car lot and picked the car I wanted. I told everyone I know that I'm a winner of the biggest giveaway ever. PCH has made my life a mess. Me and my family have spent endless hours waiting for the prize patrol to bring me my check. I have emailed them numerous times and all I get is a runaround. I have ask to have them stop emailing me. I have hundreds of emails from PCH and all their other games - bingo is another one of their giveaway. With no wins I researched some of the people they say won and these people look to be fake. No prior info can be found on most of claimed winners.

I feel I have been scammed. For years, it is ruining my life so everyone needs to know how they can stop this. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for standing up for myself. Now I will never win because I have filed a complaint. I hope this lands in safe hands and my family won't suffer for it. They are scared. I am exposing PCH as a scammers.. I love my country. I love the Lord. PLEASE HELP My family and I. Thank you.

11. I went online, and I was told to purchased 3 item in order to qualify for the lottery. I made my choice and submitted to PCH. I received a letter from them, and told me that my lottery ticket was number **. After that every day my email box was filled with the request of purchasing more items otherwise "I will be removed" from the lottery. They pestered me for the whole month. One day I went online and I saw a review of another customer and I was shock to find out that her lottery number was ** just like my number. Is this a SCAM or what??? Please take care of this PCH and get them out of business.

12. I downloaded the PCH play & win app a while ago since well it's PCH and I've heard all this good stuff about them and need the money so why not. It's a nice setup but all you get is tokens and you can't even buy stuff with tokens - you get entries into a sweepstakes which is stupid since even with Lucktastic you can redeem them. The mini games are completely programmed to miss the $$ and win more lame tokens. They do send emails for the Search & Win and tell you what's left for you to do to win and so on. While you're on the main screen of the actual app, you get little pop ups showing who won what, how much and where. (I've seen the same names pop up various times different days) so it is kinda scammy. Don't hope too much with it...

Product or Service Mentioned: Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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